Monday, January 22, 2007

Shhhh-hhh, don't tell Jared I'm posting this....

But it's really too funny NOT to post...

He handed it to me last week and said something along the lines of
" can scrap this...I don't even want to TOUCH it"
Very grossed out the Jared was by his lovenote.

The boys had friends over today, so I had six boys in my home...well, Colin included No school...teacher workday.
Aside from the slurpee accident, which was Colin's fault....all went as well as can be expected w/ SIX boys.
whew...that's a lot.
(Jack got the slurpee machine for Christmas...crazy thing actually works! whoa...)

I've been circle journaling...
so the cjs I have can go postal, and not live in the hotel w/ me.


gabbyfek said...

that is the funniest thing ever.
and it makes me giggle
and did dallas come over?
cuz i am waaaaaaaaay jealous if i missed him.
come here
play more guitar hero.
sounds good to me.
yes, yes it does.
plus, i'm holding your mail hostage.

Mara said...

love that you have a slurpee machine.
and that note.
oh my.
and what cjs do you have?! :)
i owe you a lil pkg.
send me an addy when you can.
thank you.

sarah said...

oh! the note!
that is the funniest thing ever!
sure made me laugh this morning!
and a slurpee machine?
between the tatoo pen and the slurpee machine I wanna come live with you guys! How fun!

essie said...

you crack me up!
welcome to the YIKES world of scary scary middle school GURLZ!!
wait until the 3am phone calls start...
and they will...
find your son...
even IF he is
temporarily displaced!

i love you bunches!

RACHEL =) said...

Playing catch up....
Oh yaaaaaaaaay - You're moving to Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a happy girl - tell me where... send me an email!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Ohhhh, that note is just the cutest thing ever - it is STARTING, poor Jared, haha! He won't be complaining before long!! =)

Jessica F said...

That note is hilarious!!!! I remember being in 6th grade having the biggest crush on a boy that was moving away. I dreamt every night that he would tell me he liked me before he left. *sigh* ;)


amberskolnick said...

you have been blogging a lot
where the hell have i been
i should be here
love that note
it is priceless

cheryl said...

LOL - 7 boys! My you are brave. A slurpee machine. Too cool.

Have a good move - can't wait to hear from you again!

Latharia said...