Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top 50 Things

That we want to do this summer.
By - Jared, Colten and Jack.

1. Slip and slide
2. Make Popsicles
4. Have a squirt gun fight
5. Go to the Rec center (pool)
6. Go to (another) Indians game
7. Have a soccer game with friends
8. Water ski
9. Go to Geauga Lake
10. Go to Cedar Point
11. Go to the zoo
12. Take after dinner walks
13. Get a new car (thank you Jack)
14. Get a trampoline
15. Go to a beach (good luck w/ that one guys)
16. Read
17. Go on a picnic
18. Hike....check out the MetroParks
19. Camp out
20. Go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3
21. Go to a drive in movie
22. Go to (another) Lake County Captains game
23. Go to (another) Columbus Crew game
24. Go to a museum
25. Make smores
26. Go to Friday night glow-in-the-dark bowling
27. Go out for Mitchell's ice cream
28. Go to dinner- kids choice
29. Have a lemonade stand
30. Go to the skate park
31. Find a BMX park
32. Keep daily journals
33. Write letters to friends
34. Eat at the Frog
35. Become better at juggling (w. feet)
36. Go to a Cleveland City Stars game
37. Cook out w/ friends
38. Catch fireflies
39. Paint
40. Have poker night
41. Have a scavenger hunt
42. Go to the BIG playground
43. Paper mache
44. Draw with sidewalk chalk
45. Play tennis as a family
46. Play baseball as a family
47. Run a race
48. Plant strawberry plants
49. Sit around a campfire
50. Watch fireworks

(things we've done in red)

Mainly we've been doing 1. sleeping in 2. going to the pool and 3. reading, but this week also included tennis camp for Jack. (a ball and something to hit it with is all Jack requires for a good time)....
But we will get on the rest of that list soon....

Finished The Kite Runner. (I know I'm a little behind)
Now I've started this.
Jared is reading this.
Colten this.
and Jack just checked out this and he is a HUGE Robert McCloskey fan.
His favorite books are Blueberries for Sal and Make Way for Ducklings,
I have no idea why we've not read all his books already....
not much exciting here...but I'm SO enjoying this time with my guys.
Serious summer loving...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Still not quite awake yet from our Chicago trip....
and I discover
suddenly coffee becomes optional.
Thank you Alison.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Salutations and such...

Conversations with Jack from the last three days -

"Colten don't taunt me with that!" Jack
"WHAT?!? What does TAUNT mean?!?" Coley
"It's like means almost the same thing." Jack

"Mom what exactly does enthusiastic mean?" Jack
"It means really excited, why?" Me
"Oh, because I'm REALLY enthusiastic about this week!" Jack
"Where did you hear that word?" Me
"I'm not really sure, but I AM enthusiastic and I was enthusiastic about Trinity's birthday party too!" Jack

Cooking dinner....boys waiting (not so patiently at the table)
"Speed up your process!" Coley to me
"You need to speed up your process." Jared to Coley
"What process?" Coley to Jared
"Your intellectual process!" Jack

"Aluation" Coley
"What?" Me
"Aluation" Coley
"It's salutation Mom and it means hello" Jack

"Mom....Jack just called me a glockenspiel. I didn't know what it was...he says it's a musical that right?!? Jared
"Yep" Me

The kid is cracking me up. Holy vocabulary batman....hoping it rubs off on me.

Last day of school...
complete with a rainbow last day mohawk. (Good idea Colten)
After today I officially have a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and (gulp!) a 7th grader!
How can that be?!?!!?

a giant holy crap...
we got everything we wanted (and more) at our last IEP meeting on Monday for Colten.
So all is in place for next year.
Prayers answered.
I feel much more settled now....

Rock on....