Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Where I Eat Crow...

Funny story...

You might remember this blog post
where I might have mentioned a certain hair care product my middle son uses with
reckless abandon.
I might have referred to that product as vile.

A few days later I might have received a very lovely email from Carly.
Carly works for AXE.
She read my blog post, and wanted to send the boys some hair products...

Which was really nice because she could have just told me
I was a loser for saying mean things...
(Very embarrassing)

Here is what I'd like to say...
There is nothing like good customer service. Nothing.
Colin and I are firm believers in supporting companies that care.
And clearly...
Well...AXE seems to be one of those companies.

Carly hooked my boys up.Seriously?!
THAT is a ton of product.
My boys were beyond stoked.
(I should add that she included a handwritten note...yeah, she did)

And while I was attempting to be my usually hilariously funny self in that previous post...
you should know that my boys use just about every AXE product made.
The shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and gel...
they even have an AXE body scrubber thingy for the shower...
Even before the goodies arrived they were devoted.
(If I had to guess...I'd say the girls at school don't mind the smell one bit)

This morning. Colten decided to try and do his own hair.

with several onlookers...We will keep working on the execution...
In his defense his hair is super long...
he's completely overdue for a haircut...
but he's pretty proud of himself. And...
I realize that everything I say at this point sounds contrived...
the pomade?
smells REALLY good.
Like I'm not kidding good.
And I'm not just saying that.
(I swear)
Colin even mentioned it.

and Carly...
really REALLY cool.
Thanks for making my boys feel like rockstars.

If you have guys around...
You should have AXE products in your house.
You really should.
Check them out here.

And now just a little test...

Frye boots are vile.
Disgusting boots.
I do not like them at all.

(well, it can't hurt to try right?!?....ha. KIDDING)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Someone Like You

Oh it's so lovely and fall like.
My absolute favorite season.
Jack got to sport his new vader lives shirt...
which I love.

Halloween costumes have been selected.
And mom's suggestions all ignored on that subject.
How about we all go as vampires?
That would be fun!or
as the Joker,
and some strange ninja...
Almost the same guys....Almost.
or not really much at all.

My friend Audrey asked what book we got Jared for his birthday,
so for fun I figured I'd just do a "currently" post.

CurrentlyJared is reading Catching Fire.
(his birthday book)
He really loved the first book (Hunger Games)
so I'm hoping this one gets him reading again...
he hasn't been, and I don't like that.
Coley is reading anything he can get his hands on Sent.
Jack isn't a fan of reading for enjoyment,
as I've mentioned several times before,
much to his mother's dismay...
however he's being forced to read reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid right now.
(and seems to be enjoying it)
And of course we're still reading The Lightning Thief before bed.
I'm stuck in a rut of unfinished books that I feel like I should finish before I move on to something else...but I'm not feeling any of them right now...Annoying.
Colin wants to read Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol...
and since he's like Jack, any interest he shows in a book I am all about...

My favorite shows on TV are Sons of Anarchy, The Office, Fringe, Glee, Lie to Me, House, Project Runway, Top Chef, Flipping Out and Grey's.
Which seems excessive, but we don't watch them all at once.
(thank goodness for DVRs, right?)
Colin's are the same...mostly...he loves Heroes though, and is anxious for Lost.
(Me. not so much)
Jared loves Fringe, Lie to Me, and Numbers.
(Jared wants to be Charlie on Numbers when he grows up)
The littles don't watch prime time TV...

CurrentlyI am longing for Frye boots and pants that fit...
Jared is longing to mow the lawn...
and the littles are longing to clean their room.
ok only one is accurate, but the men in my life do not long for clothing.
or footwear.

CurrentlyI really need to go switch the laundry.
Go to the grocery store,
to the bank to get the soccer paperwork notarized,
and somewhere to get the truck's oil changed.
Oh. and maybe clean this disaster that is my house.

Monday, September 28, 2009

this morning on the way to school we were stopped by a train.
(don't get me started)
we realized that Jared and Colten's buddies were in the car behind us.
(Hanna and Hogan)
Hanna called and said we should swap Jared for Hogan...
then I could just go to the littles school,
and Hanna's mom could just go to the JrHigh...
saving us each a stop.
As we decide this...
the cars start going...
so kids are jumping out...
and jumping in.
Hogan hops in our truck, and says
"UGH I forgot my lunchbox!"
I said to go get it...
so he does.
and jumps back in and says.
"I stopped traffic! I literally stopped traffic! I bet my mom didn't think I'd be doing that until I was 16."

Jack wasn't feeling great yesterday,
and since he had a fever, I kept him home today.
He's feeling much better and is currently extremely bored.
He came out to the living room to see what I was doing...
and I might have been "shopping" at Anthropologie...
the kind of shopping that involves me placing several items in the cart that I'd love...
and pretending that I can buy them.
So I'm looking...
and I hear Jack
"Whoa Mom. There are a LOT of things there that Lady Gaga would wear!"

and those two things have made my Monday just a little happier.
the sun shining is helping quite a bit too.
here's to a happy monday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

@ 15

In the car on the way to school.
Colten "Do you feel taller today? When I was little I thought you only grew on your birthday." So yesterday Jared turned fifteen.
It was an exceptionally good day for the boy.
Well, minus the fact he had to go to school...

(Where he got in trouble for telling the teacher he can "concentrate better when he doesn't have to urinate"...but that's another story. Urinate apparently is a vulgar word.)

I brought him lunch. Tropical Smoothie Cafe. (his favorite)
We got a cookie cake to take to youth group.
And when we picked him up from youth,
we went to his favorite restaurant for dinner.
Fujis. (Japanese steak house)

Jared is cracking up here, not just because they're singing to him...
but because they're referring to him as "Jerry"..."Deck the harrs with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra."
"No, no, not 'ra ra ra ra', 'la la la la'! Try again."
"Deck the harrs with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra."
"No, no! Sing something else."
"Jingre bers, jingre bers, jingre arr the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sreigh!"

Got to love A Christmas Story...

Then home for presents.

Again, notice he is cracking up here...
Not at the street (soccer) ball his brothers got him...
he LOVED that.
but at the bag that came with the ball....because it said ball sack...
which I'm not sure if you're aware is hilarious to a certain someone named Jared...Reading the card his favorite mom made him...
You know the card I make him every year that tells him how wonderful I think he nice....
All that stuff moms should tell their kids...
When we went to the mall to pick up his cheesecake...
(Yes. I said pick up the cheesecake. I opted to let Cheesecake Factory make this one for me...they do such a nice job...and I...well, don't.)
We were in Barnes and Noble and he saw a book he wanted that I wouldn't let him get...
He figured out why right here...
when he opened the book.
Ohhhh...that's why....
Hmmm....this bag is "heavier then I expected" says Jared. That's because it was filled with individually wrapped water bottles.
Voss....SmartWater....Evian....Aquafina.... Luckily...he found this rather funny.
I told him he would get water.
Then the scavenger hunt for the "big" present.
Jack loves this the best.
When it's his birthday sometimes you ask what he wants
and he just says a scavenger hunt.One clue.
leads to another clue.
which leads to another...
(repeat 12+ times)
and then you find your present.
This year Jared found Fiji water.
Here he is looking to see if he missed the real present.I didn't make him suffer long.
A few minutes later I gave him his present...
He is saying "YESYESYES" here in case you can't hear him...
He got an IPOD touch...
Grandma, Grandpa, Gaga, Aunt Gabby, Uncle Mike, Evan, Mom and Dad all pitched in....
and let me just say it was a HUGE hit.
Aunt Erin and Uncle Pete even sent a giftcard to load it up right...
He was thrilled.Not sure what was left to wish for...
Maybe that his mom would have removed the waxed paper from the cheesecake?Cheesecake, strawberries, hot fudge, carmel, nuts, whipped cream...
and happy.
Told you it was a good one...

Happy 15th Birthday Jared.
We love you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday. On Tuesday. Day 7 of the Week-in-the-Life project...

I know I know... this is BORING already.
But I had to finish the week.
So Sunday.
Just a few photos.And just because I think you might care.
Check out Bob. Our plant.
(yes. singular. plant. I apparently can only do plant. not plants)
This was Bob in June of 2008
Making a comeback in September of 2008 and...
in all of his tree-like glory today.
Yeah. Bob is a force to be reckoned with now....he's HUGE.
(for the record the bonsai tree is in fact dead. but lets focus on Bob shall we) So this week project is fun, but time consuming.
I think I forget about the amount of time you spend
sorting photos/posting/etc...
but I'm glad I did it (again).
I'm thinking of picking a day of the month,
(like the 15th)
and doing a day-in-the-life once a month for a year.
That might be less monotonous...because my days right now all look the same...
and less time consuming all at once.
I'll think about that.

Right now, I have bigger things to get ready for ...
someone is turning 15 tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday. Day 6 aka the day we used the emergency ponchos...

bedazzled. pumpkin spice. O.with the girl he had to guard.gas for the truck.tropical smoothie cafe for J and me.happy meal lunch in the truck.rain.smiley.disgusted.tired.emergency poncho love.soaked.delish.cute packaging = the way you chose wine and beer when you don't drink.Colten and Jack games at 9am.
Cole practice at 10am.
Cole game at noon.
Jared game at 2.
Colin work work work.