Thursday, September 03, 2009

this morning:

Cole "MOM! Jack has something in his hair! It's gross...I don't know what it is, but it's GROSS!"
Me "It's fine. You'll have that with long hair."
Cole "Not with a BOY haircut like mine."
Jack "So are you calling me a girl?"
Cole "I'm saying you have girl hair"
Jack "Ummm...Beckham had THIS haircut. Are you calling Beckham a girl? We both have haircuts that Beckham had."
Cole "Well, maybe Beckham cut his hair because he didn't want to look like a girl anymore."...


Anonymous said...

I am not someone who laughs out loud when reading something, but that definitely got me. What a typical convo between brothers. Love Coley's new confidence with his haircut (which is very rad & Beckham like indeed!)

Patrick said...

I too am laughing out loud. My boys had a similar conversation right before school started. It did not include bechkam since they probably do not know who he is. It did end up with Mitchell getting a shorter hair cut. He still looks like a girl.

Shaun said...

Oops, that comment from Patrick is from me!

gabbyfek said...

hilarity right there.

pakosta said...

how CUTE!!! LOL!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE his long "girl" hair!!! LOL tara