Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday. On Tuesday. Day 7 of the Week-in-the-Life project...

I know I know... this is BORING already.
But I had to finish the week.
So Sunday.
Just a few photos.And just because I think you might care.
Check out Bob. Our plant.
(yes. singular. plant. I apparently can only do plant. not plants)
This was Bob in June of 2008
Making a comeback in September of 2008 and...
in all of his tree-like glory today.
Yeah. Bob is a force to be reckoned with now....he's HUGE.
(for the record the bonsai tree is in fact dead. but lets focus on Bob shall we) So this week project is fun, but time consuming.
I think I forget about the amount of time you spend
sorting photos/posting/etc...
but I'm glad I did it (again).
I'm thinking of picking a day of the month,
(like the 15th)
and doing a day-in-the-life once a month for a year.
That might be less monotonous...because my days right now all look the same...
and less time consuming all at once.
I'll think about that.

Right now, I have bigger things to get ready for ...
someone is turning 15 tomorrow.


sarah said...

donuts + pizza.
a perfect sunday! :)

and i LOVE your idea of once a month! you are so smart!


tara pollard pakosta said...

So glad you finished it up though! I am posting my day 5 right now!
I posted day 6 before day 5 and skipped day 7 altogether.
yes, it is so time consuming! doing it on the 15th of every month sounds fuN!
And I am totally doing the one photo per day in october, because 1 photo is EASY!

essie said...

i cannot believe that your boy is 15 tomorrow.
cannot believe it...
we're back to square one in germany...last play of practice today, and pres reinjured his thumb.
he did my poor little boylie.
he's in a cast-a german cast.


BIG birthday love to J

savannah said...

i am doing photo of the day in october!!!!!!love the pix


Missy said...

Congrats, mama :)
and I've adored your week.
Honest to goodness.