Wednesday, September 02, 2009

jack benjamin blaise

blurry early morning snap of the jack.

all week he has been making this face.
and I have asked
"what's in your mouth banana?"
"hey...what are you chewing on?"
come to find out
he has just been puffing his cheeks up
so the metal in his mouth doesn't rub on his cheeks.

jack banana?
or is it jack blowfish?
we are really not sure...


sarah said...

poor jack blowfish.
if i could mail him some applesauce i would!


Shaun said...

Oh, poor Jack. I remember doing the same thing when I had my braces. I think he needs a nice thick and chocolaty shake.

pakosta said...

cutie pie!
I wonder if my girls will need braces! they seem to be doing them younger and younger these days!
he is toO CUTE!

gabbyfek said...

oh baby.
poor banana.
that's no fun for him. :(