Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fretty Funny to Me.

and probably only hysterically funny to me:

I'm notorious for using the wrong words,
or mixing words up,
or saying words wrong...
or even phrases...
where I get the key word mixed up.
I do.
My husband always finds humor in this.
And he corrects me.
(after he makes me repeat it the wrong way of course)
Verbatim would be a recent one.
I'm not sure how it came out...but it definitely wasn't right.
(It's mildly endearing though, right babe?!?)

Colin however has an extensive vocabulary...
and doesn't get hung up on silly things,
like speaking correctly.

last night.
We're watching Design Star and they were in the process of buying
the world's ugliest and most expensive pergola.
Colin says "I don't understand why they don't just build a fergola?!"
My ears perk.
Of course I think he's just messing around
until a minute later...
"Why aren't they just building a fergola?"
So I say "It's pergola NOT fergola."
"Are you sure?"
Colin gets up
and goes to the computer...
(because please note that he still doesn't believe me)
and searches pergola/fergola.

but I already know...
that in 16 years...
THIS moment is probably the one time in my life...
that I will ever get a word right over him.
It is a proud moment for me folks.

From the computer I hear
"Well, I guess you'll blog about this tomorrow"

Heck yes I will....


Maybe I'm still laughing.
Maybe I told the boys this story in the truck on the way to school this morning,
and maybe they didn't quite see the humor in it.
Maybe I'm blogging about so that years from now,
I can laugh about it all over again.

You can just completely ignore this post...
but I must say...
It's so much funnier when it's not me.
And it's SO funny when it's Colin.
Oh fergola I love you.


Colin said...

very phunny! Laughing at my expanse, I mean expense is not amusing. I give you so much other fodder, why must you pick on my vocabulary and so forth. Remember you should really blame my mom for my breath, whoops breadth, of knowledge in the english language. Cuz of course I don't read.

Shaun said...

I am laughing my gass off right now and my kids think I have lost it. Oh, now they want to read your post. Your Colin sounds a lot like my husband. He is too smart for his own good. How can I compete with a PHD. I am so happy you had your laugh even if it was at your hubby's expense.

Mara said...

ok, really, we must have been separated at birth.
aside from my awkward antics, i also get REALLY hung up on speaking correctly.
So much so that I stumble on my words... more so when there are "important" people in the room.

essie said...


yes, mr. colin, that IS me laughing at you all the way from germany!

all the way!

cathy said...

I love this post!!
You know that brilliant brains --like yours --- work about 2,000 times faster than the rest of the population--
And that means sometimes words come out differently than you might expect!