Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday on Tuesday (A Week In the Life Day 1)

I apologize to my 3 readers for the ridiculously late post...
my computer thought photos were unnecessary this morning.
We fought,
I eventually won.
but it was quite the battle....

Weekdays I get up at 6:50am.
Monday, like every morning, started with my good friend Keurig...
I love him.
He makes me coffee.
(and yes. I really do use that Nestle cup...everyday...I wasn't advertising)
Then I wake the big... Then the littles...
Jack sleeps all cocooned like that in his quilt.Colten not so much. Jared normally grabs dry cereal, and heads to facebook...
he has to update his status to something witty like...
"going to school soon"Colten had a fever of 102.3 Sunday and while fever free and on antibiotics he earned a day home. He thought that day home should include sprite for breakfast.Jack is not a morning person.Really, not so much at all... Hot wheel races at breakfast...We leave at 7:30am for school.

Radio stations here are pretty horrid. Sometimes I listen to a Memphis station.
I guess they have a morning show...and they were talking about handwashing because of the flu. (which is in full effect here, like most of the US I think) Then the radio host says "I don't normally wash my hands a lot...I am now, but not normally....because first of all, I don't pee on my hands, and second I have a very clean penis."
Alrighty then. Lots of giggling in the car.
I told them to wash their hands and then put Kings of Leon on...which I should have done to start out with.

Colten and Jack get dropped off first.
(Just Jack today)
Then Jared...
we sometimes are lucky enough to catch the train...
which makes him late.So annoying...and yes, I xxxx'd the name of the district out.
Yeah, now I'm concerned about such things?!? Not sure why...but lets keep that secret.
Coley took that one of Jared getting out of the truck....hair flowing... lovely. Ha.
We got home and Colten milked "I'm sick" for about 25minutes and then...
Declared the need for chicken noodle soup.
In fact when he started singing
"Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Wit A Soda On The Side
I knew he was fine.
If you don't know that song...I envy you. I kept him company at the table while he ate...can you see how much he cared about that?
Hey Coley....how's it going? Hows that tv show you're watching?Pretty funny, eh?
And please note...
he used his sleeve as a napkin while I was sitting there watching him.
So awesome.

Then he stole my computer for the rest of the day.
Whatever dude.

3 things I always have in the center console...purell, my phone and water.
Colten's shot....
He said he wanted to show everyone "Arkansas"... There are a lot of farms here I guess.
(rainy rainy day!)

I also knew he was completely well when we got home and he needed a cookie...
and posed like this with it....and sang "C is for Colten"....
all better.
and amusing.

At 3pm the little boys get out of school. I leave around 2:30 to get in the pick-up line.
OH the joy of the pick-up line...I can't even put it into words. Good times people. Good times.
I am not too proud to show you what I do as I wait....Yes, I am a huge dork.
A huge dork that loves sudoku. Jack always saves something from his lunch for the car, because Jared doesn't get done until 3:20.
We head over to wait in pick-up line #2, and Jack eats. Here he is picking food out of his expander. Charming...
They usually have snacks when we get home. Jared's snack is usually....cold cereal.
I'm not sure if teenage boys could survive without cereal.

Jack went out to play with our neighbor. Colten declared it completely unfair I wouldn't let him go out.
Hello?!? Sick day?!?

Then Jack came in to get ready for soccer, and somehow everyone ended up with balloons...
I believe in some sort of conspiracy to make me insane.They are boys...they don't blow them up and tie them....
they blow them up and let them go....
or blow them up and make that horrible noise with them...
repeatedly. 5:30 soccer practice.
"Take a picture of the emergency ponchos" says my husband. harharhar...
FINE.It rained at the end of the RedBirds game a few weeks ago. REALLY rained.
However, by the time we left, apparently, it had stopped completely.
I did not know this small detail.
I also didn't realize we were parked within steps of the field.
When we got to Memphis we parked and then walked around...
and I'm slightly extremely directionally impaired.
So as we were leaving I whipped out the emergency ponchos I had stored in my bag...and made the boys put them on...I also donned the attractive poncho....and ignored my husband who kept asking what I was doing....and no he did not want a rain poncho.
I still have the dry, slightly used ponchos in the truck.
In case it actually rains and we need them.
And yes, I've taken quite a bit of abuse from my husband over this.
Hence the "take a photo...."
I didn't want my camera to get wet...

Here I am at Colten's practice...
Wait a minute....
Sick day?
No going outside?
What's going on e? You let him go to soccer practice?
Yes ...yes I did.
I am a huge contradiction to what I believe....
let's ignore this incident shall we?
and focus on my house shoes. I was trying to take a photo without actually looking through the viewfinder...
just sort of hold the camera out and snap.
because I soooo didn't want to be that mom at the first practice
when I don't know anyone
taking photos of my feet.
I'd clearly rather be the one that sends their too-sick-to-go-to-school kid to soccer practice...
Note the lights. It's now 7:30, and it's getting dark. Still practicing.

I made dinner earlier in the day, and Jared stayed home so he put it in the oven and we had dinner waiting when we got home.
Ahhh... the joy of having a teenager.
After dinner...showers...jammies...dessert? yes I caved....flashcards....
Colten is hiding from me because he is only wearing boxers. Like 75% of the time he's at home.

Jack getting his hair dried. I made Colin do it because I was trying to get the stupid flash cards done....Colin HATES drying Jack's hair. Jack hates having him dry it...
Fun was had.We normally read before bed, but it was 9.
and the rule is if they're not in bed at 8, no story.
Sad, but they need their sleep....and I need some time with my non-poncho-wearing-man.

Last shot before lights out...
Jack wanted me to take one of Old Baby.
Old Baby (Jack's blanket) has seen better days and is full of holes....
Jack likes to sleep with him literally wrapped around his neck.
This causes his mother to hyperventilate....
and come back in after they're asleep to remove Old Baby from Jack's bed.
Jack is not a fan of this.
"Mom. I'll just put him on my belly....he can't strangle my belly. GOSH"
Colin and I watched some tv.
I went back in to remove Old Baby...and to catch Jared texting still at 10:30....
and then it was bedtime.

Sorry this was SO long...
The good news is tomorrows post will be approximately 3 photos
because I spent my WHOLE day posting this....
holy heck.
Happy Monday.
Which is really Tuesday.
and still rainy...


pakosta said...

I really super enjoyed your day! and lucky you that you had a sick one home to keep you company with the picture taking!!! LOL!
you should have had Cole do multiplication.com while he took over your computer, then you wouldn't have to do flash cards later LOL!!!!!!! these are all super!!! my tuesday will only have a handful of pix also!
I so enjoyed your day! your boys are alot of fun and great personalities!

sarah said...

jack and i are morning twins.
morning time is grouchy time.

i LOVED your day.
and i love your house shoes.
SO cute!

posting mine in a second...
just proofreading it :)


Ashley Wren said...

and don't i know about it taking all DAMN day to post those entries.
jared has GREAT teeth.
and i love your shoes.
i love the console shot.
and colin's labcoat!
i look forward to all week with you and T.

Missy said...

this may have been loooong... but it was awesome.
I love getting a glimpse at your daily life...
mine would be MUCH more boring.