Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slippers Mayhaps?

I put my moccasins on and got ready to take the boys to school.
Cole "umm....Nice shoes mom"
"Thanks Cole"
"What are those house shoes?" (because apparently he's become my grandmother)
"No, just moccasins...they're shoes."
"You're wearing them out of the house?"
"Hmm...I think they're much better as house shoes."

Sigh...I love that child.

Check ups went well yesterday.
Except the nurse told Jared he's 6'3" (he's not)
and now he's convinced he's about 3" taller than he really is...
and I can not convince him otherwise.
Also the doctor wasn't really thrilled with my view on vaccinations,
not that I was expecting anything less...
But that's always fun.

Ok. I'm off to clean, and make some apple crisp.
I'm pretending it's fall.
In the air conditioning...I'm pretending.


sarah said...

teehee. house shoes :)
silly boy.

mmmmm. apple crisp.
i'm coming over. sounds delish!


gabbyfek said...

it is cold here today
come here
make apple crisp.
love you
and your house shoes.

Ashley Wren said...

we are so much alike its frightening.
for 1, i love me some moccasins too.
and ugg boots that wear all year round.
2, im in the AC looking at martha stewart catalogs on candy apples and pumpkin pie.