Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday. Day 4. or The Office Season premier day...

Michael Scott:
"I hate, hate being left out. Whether it's not being picked for a team... or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn't exist. Or that the sport doesn't exist! I should've known. "Poop ball?"

Speaking of poop ball.
What four words do you not want to hear as you're walking out the door for school.
Awesome Jack.
So we were running a little late...
which meant one thing...
I was guaranteed a train.Jared took that one.
I swear there is a train.
We are just really. really. really. far back.
And I hate to mention...

waiting for the train...Dropped the little people off...
On the way to the bigs school I said something like
"Do you think it will ever stop raining?" (I know...I'm so whiny)
to which Jared replied "No, it's like we live in England. I love it"
Except. England and Seattle.
Two place I might consider exchanging sunshine for location.
If I have to live here.
I want SUN.
I can not have to live here AND have nonstop rain.
It just is not fair.

As he got out of the truck I said
"Tell your first period teacher we got stopped by a train"
"Nah...I'll just tell her my bus was late"
"Yeah, lots of guys just talk in the hall for awhile before class and when they come in the room and she asks why they're late, they just say their bus was late"
Well... that's great...

Oh, and on the way home?
Train #2.Started laundry.
more laundry.
Went and got the mail.
I always hope for a magazine
and get catalogs instead.Turkey burger for lunch.
(Dr. Weil recipe that is amazing)
I apparently wanted a little burger with my ketchup thankyou very much.Sometimes I watch some reality show I have dvr'd while I eat my lunch.
(because Colin will not watch them with me...something about mindless crap)
Not Jon and Kate Plus 8 anymore though...
for two reasons.
Kate.Cleaned some more.
And noticed my children's blatant laziness...
Colten was told to put his sandwich keeper in the dishwasher the day before.There it is.
Just set right in there...
not opened.

And then Jared,
who in the morning explained that I accidentally put some of Jack's shorts in his clean clothes pile.
was told to put them in Jack's room.
I discovered this...He put them on the FLOOR.
In front of the closet.
SO not cool.He's only going to be FIFTEEN next week...
I should cut him some slack.

Picked the boys up.
Stopped for train #3.
Kid you not.Colten got a 102 on his science test. Which pretty much rocked.
Notice the "J".
Still transposed. "J"s get him every time...And Jack had homework.
First time all week.He's not frustrated with his homework...just his mother.
She questioned the need for a semi-colon.
Why would she do that?Popcorn and goldfish mixed together.

Jared doing his chore.
Unloading the dishwasher...While dancing.
or something resembling dancing...

You'd think being in all AP classes might result in some homework?
Jared catching up on some TV...Colten and Jack played Legos.
5:30 Colten, Jack and I left for baseball practice.

On the way I saw this...I asked the boys what that bright round thing in the sky was...
I told them it was blinding me...
They said it was something called the sun.

It was out for approximately 35 seconds.
Give or take 5 seconds.

Obviously I brought my camera...
And took photos while driving.
But then opted not to take it out of the truck to practice,
because it looked like...
get this...

Jack got to use the bat of his dreams at batting practice.
And of course he (in his words) "hit homeruns with THAT bat"
This bat. The bat half his team has...
Am I the only one that gets a little nauseous at the $250 price tag?!
Bats = expensive.
In case your child doesn't play baseyball....
Like whoa.

On the way home 7:30pm....
TRAIN #4...
please insert the words of your choice that would require me to put money in the cuss jar.
holy TRAINS batman.
this one...stopped on the tracks.STOPPED.
After 10 minutes I decided to take try a different way home.
The only problem with that idea?
I don't know any other way home.
So of course I got lost.
Jack helped get me back to where I started,
and then I went the other way....
and was successful!
AND cheered for myself...
in what sounded like a Canadian accent.
(I'm from Wisconsin...sometimes this can happen)
I told the boys that I was channeling my inner Sarah Palin for some reason...
and they both without skipping a beat excitedly said
"No Mom that is your Grover voice!"
Grover is the satyr in the book we're reading.
I guess he is from up north?! Ha.
I hope I'm not the only one that has different voices for the characters in the stories they read.

Home finally.
If you're wondering why Colin isn't in many photos this week...
it's because he's still not home yet.
And he leaves before I get up.
The boys showered.
And Colin got home in time for dinner.
(When you eat at 8pm this helps)
Boys to bed.
The Office and Fringe season premiers.

I love Thursdays.

I don't however for the record love trains.

Jim Halpert:
"This is parkour. Internet sensation of 2004. And it was in one of the Bond films. It's pretty impressive. The goal is to get from point A to point B as creatively as possible so technically they are doing parkour, as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital."


tara pp said...

YOu are doing way better at writing down your days than I am and I know I am going to forget something important! I can't believe you saw 4 trains!!!
and guess what, my girls would have done the same thing with the shorts LOL! toO FUNNY! this is great! so real life, LOVE IT!
i keep forgetting to write how long it takes to edit, crop and post the photos!! it's about a 2hour process!

essie said...

jared has put a new spin on "dirty dancing" :o)
you are toooooo funny, and, you're more sad posts.
it's time to rejoice in the day and be glad-

elev8 said...

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