Friday, January 29, 2010

power-filled snow-filled snow-day
pot-roast in the oven
Whip It ready for viewing
me still in my pjs...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are expecting some bad weather...
hopefully not like this...
but you never know...
if I'm not around for a little while
that's why.
{no power}

I am hoping for a power-filled ice-free weekend.
I'm sure it will be that way
because I actually stocked up this time on
water, milk, and bread...
Your eleventh birthday was pretty fun.
Your Dad took the day off of work,
which is pretty unheard of,
so we could come have lunch with you at school.
TacoBell your favorite.
You wore your Titan's jersey and looked pretty cute.
Especially when you blushed.We got slushies from Sonic after school.
Happy Hour.
You got orange.
When we got home you were excited about the decorations.
I knew the Revolutionary War figures would be a hit.
You and Jack played playstation until we had to leave to get Jared from soccer practice.
You don't normally get to play video games on weekdays, but it was your birthday after all.
We got Jared and went to Fujis for dinner.
You had the shrimp hibachi.
You love shrimp.
They sang to you.
You blushed again.
*it was cute again.When we got home you opened presents.
Jack spent his own money and got you a booklight.
That was pretty special.
You got lots of great stuff.
You followed 11 clues to your last present.
It was a PSP.
You were really excited.
Then we had cookie cake.With red frosting.
I am sure you made a good wish.
Don't tell anyone,
but I make the same wish every year.
For a long and happy life with you guys.
I think you had a good day.
You are a great kid Colten.
As always
I feel proud
and lucky to be your mom.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colten week continues...

(it's like shark week on Discovery channel, only way cooler...)Jan: I'm returning your call. You said it was urgent?
Michael Scott: It is urgent. I just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.
Jan: Today's not my birthday, though.
Michael Scott: Really? 'Cause I thought we had the same birthday.
Jan: (pause) Happy birthday, Michael.

aka: Colten, Coley, Cole, O, Oley...

Like last year some random facts about my middle:

11 facts:
(according to me)
1. No one believes me when I say he's my loudest child. (he's super quiet at school)
2. He will be the first to ask if you're feeling better, or remember it's your birthday...he's extremely thoughtful.
3. He can't stand being late. and by late I mean he'd like to be fifteen minutes early...
4. He has asked me to flip flashcards upside down before...because "it's easier to figure out" that way.
(the dyslexic brain is kind of cool)
5. He always has to wrestle, mess with, hit, kick, or disturb his younger brother when passing by him.
("what? we were playing")
6. He does quite well at school, but isn't a huge fan.
7. He has the BEST eyebrows...they are super expressive.
8. and eyes. they are hazel like his Daddys...his are more brown then green, but change like a chameleon depending on what he wears.
9. Usually questions me when I ask something of him instead of just doing it.
(little frustrating)
10. Loves fashion, and would wear a suit coat daily if I allowed it.
11. Is slightly obsessive about his shoes and his watch. He likes them to be super neat and clean...

11 things Colten likes:
(according to him)
playing outside
my family
the Cavs, the Titans, the Galaxy and the English Nat'l team
Fuji Japanese Steak house
my watch

11 things Colten doesn't like:
(according to us both)
cheese that isn't melted
the Steelers
ill behaved kids
under armour shoes...they should only make under armour
speech class
wheat bread
when people here call their snickers bar "sneakers"
when his shoes get messy

Favorite food: pizza
Least favorite food: bluecheese
Favorite drink: rootbeer out of the bottle
Least favorite drink: grape soda
Favorite tv show: Mythbusters
Least favorite tv show: SpongeBob
Favorite book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Least favorite book: n/a (doesn't read books he doesn't like)
Favorite hat brand: DC
Least favorite hat brand: n/a (loves pretty much any hat)
Favorite color: red
Least favorite color: yellow
Favorite movie: Get Smart
Least favorite movie: Enchanted
Favorite day of the week: Friday
Least favorite day of the week: Monday
Favorite class: PE
Least favorite class: Social studies
Favorite band: Beastie Boys or GreenDay
Least favorite band: Mylie Cyrus
Favorite state: NC
Least favorite state: AR

we be partying tomorrow...

foam ball +
mini cupcake liners +
hotglue gun +
MarthaStewartLiving =
funky birthday party decor

Monday, January 25, 2010

Random cOley goodness...

pretzel snack writer has a birthday this week...
a very exciting week it is.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I said:
"I like the block fort you made"

Jack said:
"It's not a's Puerto Rico's capital building"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cameron: "I got all medieval on the florists."
Mitchell: "Cam, I heard you on the phone, you said you were displeased, but that's hardly going medieval."
Cameron: "Excuse me, I said very displeased and I used my cowboy voice."

-Modern Family

In case there was any question:
If you tell a teenager they have to go stand downtown
next to their little brothers
who happen to be sporting matching ts
& flowers are involved...
you will in fact get that look several times.
(and he used his cowboy voice)


I've been a bad blogger lately.
times two.

Jared is taking his drivers test tomorrow.
(How unbelievably insane is that?)

I have nothing planned for dinner.
(that is not insane, that is pretty normal)

I have no idea when we're going to have time to have dinner tonight.

I can't find the boy's vaccination records.
They're here somewhere.
Ok. I maybe made up some dates for J's school physical form this morning.
Whatever...he's had them....
I'm pretty sure...

I'm homeschooling the little boys in the fall if we're still in Arkansas.

Jack would like to be homeschooled now.

I had my teeth cleaned today, and now I have a headache.
(I always get a headache after)

Jared gave himself a black eye by running into the back of his friend's head in the hallway at school the other day...
He said I shouldn't put that on the blog.
Umm...if you give yourself a black eye because you do something silly...
it will always end up on my blog.
(He also refused to let me take a photo...he's no fun in his old age)

Colten's birthday is next week.

I was tempted to make him an 11 shirt.
I refrained.

I sort of wanted to buy him an 11 shirt.
I refrained.

I really want to be funny and add a little Jonas Bros into the party theme...
I'm guessing I will not be able to refrain...

Coley will likely give me the above look.
(and use his cowboy voice with me)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

baseball started...
how about that?!
and J is playing varsity soccer...
and Colten is practicing indoors...
so we're gearing up for another crazy spring.
fun crazy.
but still crazy.

this weekend.
(the visit went well, I didn't talk about underpants)
playing outside.
Valentine photo taking.

that's all I've got today...

Friday, January 15, 2010

I would get more scrapping done if I didn't spend time doing pointless things...
like cutting up paper...
couldn't find the ruler,
but have a love affair with the xacto...
must put. it. down.
(no, I totally didn't use that page)

The exciting news...
Claire is coming over tonight.
(Jared's girlie friend)

The less exciting news...
I am not allowed to say Claire and Jair
Jared and Clared...

I am not allowed to sing "No Claire" to the tune of Jordin Sparks "No Air"...

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no Claire
Can't live, can't breathe with no Claire
It's how I feel whenever you ain't there
There's no Claire, no Claire

Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gonna be without me
If you ain't here, I just can't breathe
There's no Claire, no Claire

No Claire, Claire...
No Claire, Claire...

I am not allowed to be HILARIOUSLY funny.
(" are not funny")

maybe I'll take one photo...
I will however refrain from
saying Clairebear...
Happy weekend friends!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

True conversation:
Me "J don't you have any soccer stuff to wash?"
Jared "Uh...yeah, I guess...I was just going to throw it back in my bag"
Me "You were just going to wear them again tomorrow?"
J "Uh...yeah"
Me "Even your sliding shorts?!? Jared! That's like wearing your underwear two days in a row!"
J "Yeah..." (as in "yes, and your point?")
Colin "That's my boy"
Me "Please go throw those in the wash right now"...

Boys are so gross...

Some questions/comments to clarify from yesterdays postapalooza...

(btw...totally not out of line)
The boys do fix their breakfast just about every morning...
(Unless I'm making something for the oatmeal)
we have a million boxes of cold cereal they pour and deal with,
granola bars...
I'm all about me.

I don't fix them breakfast...
it was more a post about what I'd like...
to fix them something warm and homemade before school...
versus the reality of the mad-dash that is our mornings.
They don't/won't get bacon.
(Unless it's Sunday)
If that makes sense...?!?


I did stitch that title
for fun...I just wanted to try it.
I liked it.
I might try it again...
What I'd really like is to learn to use a sewing machine
so I can sew on layouts...
but I failed at that...

Where am I posting my layouts now?
I will probably go back and post them on 2peas...
but you are's not the same.
Scrap In another option?
I don't know.
Where do people post their layouts now?

and the chocolate fountain will of course have it's own layout...
was there any doubt?!?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


so just a few posts today from me.
I did actually scrap yesterday.
The above layout now has rhinestones and sequins on it...
because apparently it's a pageant girl layout (?!?)
It just needed something...
but I took this photo before I walked away, and came back to it.
Which I tend to do...
the end.

For the love of Oatmeal...

The fantasy goes something like this:

I wake up at alarm needed...
I just love mornings.
I have time to get ready, have some coffee...
I fix the boys something warm and wonderful for breakfast.
I fix their lunches...
bento style...with adorable little strawberry mice
(have you seen those? so darn cute)
The boys wake to the smell of deliciousness coming from the kitchen...
they get dressed, and come to breakfast...
where they leisurely eat (and compliment the chef)
We have plenty of time to brush teeth, fix hair, and put shoes on.
No rushing.
Heck...they even have time to read
or watch a little tv before we have to leave at 7:30.

The reality:
(at least this morning)

Colin wakes me up at 6:50ish...
I have a kicking headache.
I remember I want to try making stovetop oatmeal.
I quick measure the water in the pot and put it on the stove.
I hurry and throw clothes on...
take some Excedrin...
and attempt to make some coffee.
My coffee pot decides for the hundredth time to not work right.
I wake the boys.
Colten comes out to the kitchen to inform me,
he needs a sweatshirt,
and he hates the pants I picked out for him.
I cut up some strawberries for the oatmeal.
I do the same with a banana.
I grind some flaxseed in my old coffee grinder...
which I pray doesn't make the flax taste like coffee.
The boys make their way into the kitchen at 7:15.
Jack doesn't want oatmeal...he wants leftover pancakes.
I nuke the pancakes.
Cole wants to try the oatmeal, but would like pancakes too.
I nuke more pancakes.
I scoop oatmeal into's now 7:20.
The boys love the different toppings
and go to the table with bowls full of strawberries,
bananas, honey, brown sugar, & raisins...
Causing Jack to decides he needs oatmeal now too
It dawns on me I haven't packed lunches.
(Good grief)
I shove some food into their lunchboxes.
I do pack strawberries...
but sadly, just in tupperware...
no mini-chocolate chip faces and almond sliver ears...
Colten is in full on panic because he's going to be "late"...
Jack is still eating.
Colten realizes he forgot to fix his hair and really panics.
Jared announces he will be the only one late.
(like it's a contest and he needs to be the winner)
Jack is still eating.
We finally rush out the door at 7:35ish.
and now my kitchen is a complete disaster.Mornings.
They elude me.
I must find some sort of balance between my love of sleep...
and my desire to make the boys bacon for breakfast.
Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?

*One question.
Does one store that in the ...Fridge? Freezer? Pantry?
and the leftover ground flaxseed?
Mysterious...but tasty...especially on oatmeal.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forgot to post this yesterday...

Last week when we got our quarter inch of snow,
and our snowday...
Tara emailed me some photos of the snow in Canada...
which suffice it to say had us beat.
Snow up to the rooftops...
Which made my boys jealous...
and they were quick to announce they wanted to "move to Canada!"

Jack "I want to move to Canada! They have SNOW...and Canadian bacon!"
Colten "What's Canadian bacon again?"
Jack "Its like the same thing as ham, but it's flimsy"
Colten "hmmm....flimsy ham.....sounds good"

Snow and flimsy ham.
Two very good reasons to move anywhere I think...
Esther and I are going to be doing a little blog project,
because I really need a second blog...
I'm such a good blogger...
(read that because I'm crazy)'s sort of an ode to NieNie and the 3191mornings/afternoons/miles apart blog(s)...
Actually when the 3191 morning blog started I thought it was brilliant,and wanted to do something similar...but never quite made it happen.
When I saw Stephanie's blog and it said she was doing it with a friend in Germany...
I thought hmm...I have a very best friend there...
Of course my Essie said heck-to-the-yes before I could even say
what do you think about this.
I love Es.

We made e2e
Which hopefully it will be less about my ramblings...
and more about our photos...
(giving me a good opportunity to work on mine)
Glimpses into our lives
which were once across the street...
and now are across the ocean...
but still connected.

I think it will be kind of neat.
And at the same time I kind of get to do the 365 project....
minus 12....
which will become minus more, because that's how I roll.
I'm so excited!

Ok. I'm off to scrap.
(*gasp!* I know...)

Monday, January 11, 2010

After a snowday and a "cold"-day off of school last Thursday and Friday
this morning came much too soon...
I would like to buy another snowday please.
The cold,
not so much...

What have we been up to?
was Jared's last session of ODP (for winter)
instead of being in Little Rock,
which frankly is a trek all by itself,
it was in Fort Smith.
Like 4 and a half hours away,
minus stops...
and you can ask Colin,
I'm worse than the boys with "stops"...
So we got up at 6:30am on Saturday morning...
and got home around midnight:30....
I of course forgot my camera.
(Shocking...I know)

Had I remembered it,
I would have taken photos of:

*Jared playing. He looked great. Of course just about every time he had a nice assist, or tackle the coaches that were rating the boys were looking at the other field.
Go figure.
I'll have to take some flip footage of him playing this spring...
I know you're suppose to think your kid is good, but he is a really good player...I swear to it.

*Our umpteen trips to Starbucks...
including Jared's new love affair with shaken black iced tea lemonades...
I've created a monster.
He had 3. I guess there is no question why he didn't sleep in the car on the way home, eh?

*The littles with their blankets and coats over their heads to block the glare on the gamesboys in the car...

*The littles shooting on the rebounder in the gym...

*Jack laying on the indoor turf playing gameboy...oblivious to all around him.

*Jared wearing his sweats, hanging past his butt of course, sanuks, shorts, tshirt, and hoodie.
He was a hot mess...(did I mention it was coooooold)

*lunch at Panera (I miss Panera)

*Our brief potty stop at HobbyLobby...."MOM! No looking at stuff!!!"

*dinner at Arbys (I miss Arbys)

*probably my new boots...because they're so cute.

was a lazy Sunday...
Well, not completely lazy...we un-Christmased the house.
Which is way less fun than Christmasing it.
Now it feels like we have way less "stuff" around us...which is kind of nice.
We watched football, and a movie.
low. key.

Monday. I'm cleaning. So exciting...
Jared has soccer.
Coley has a dentist appointment...
and I'm making baked potato soup for dinner.

That's all I've got today...

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Jared has a request and asked me to post it on my blog...
(see J, sometimes your mom having a blog is a good thing)

he would love if you would go here
and take a survey for his science fair project.
(I also linked it to the right on the sidebar)

he says
Thank you!

***thank you friends! he's had a great response!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Wednesday?
Is it spring break yet?!?
I think I should resolve to be a better morning person...
but I'm not sure you can become that...aren't you just sort of pre-set?

insert Office quote here... alright, don't mind if I do...

I’m an early bird and a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms.

I am not good with mornings.
I totally snapped at Jared yesterday, and had to apologize after school.
My favorite was "yeah, you totally cussed and screeched at me"
Hello my name is teenage-exaggerator.
I was snatchy though, so I said sorry...
because that's what I do.
Kinder gentler me you know.
I did not cuss...
and screeched?!?...whatever....I do not screech.

Cole's birthday is coming up and I can not think of anything to get the boy.
Add to that is the fact he will only say he "wants to move" for his birthday...
to move.
Colin of course thinks I placed this lovely gem in his mind...
which I didn't.
Thank you very much.
green rainbow resolution #2...
"I want to be more supportive of my husband's career...even if that means staying here"
it's mildly amusing to me that Colten has taken over my plight.
No...I mean...It's not at all amusing...
it's horribly naughty...
I still don't know what to get him for his birthday.

someone won't let the poor child move...
on his birthday...
I won't mention any names.
Sup-por-tive that's meeee....

What other randomness do I have?
It's way chilly cold here.
My pipes are doing their very best at trying hard to freeze.
The boys are holding out hope that they won't have school the rest of the week...
The weather had said 2-4 inches...
I think that's been downgraded to a light dusting...
You never know's Arkansas...anything is possible.
Any. Thing.

And because I know you're all sick of me only talking about a certain amazing
(hyphenated to one word)
I shall refrain.
Even if it does cascade delicious chocolate like a waterfall.
I will not mention it...
Even if chocolate covered strawberries might be my favorite thing ever...
I won't dwell ...


what is this photo of?Hello gorgeous Frye boots on my feet.
You do not produce chocolate
I adore you the same.
Let's instead dwell on my boots.

My new boots and my new lens were two of my favorite presents this Christmas.
I returned my lens though...
so we will just focus on the boots now.

Actually truth be told,
I pretty much had decided not to focus on photography after Christmas...
for a multitude of reasons,
most involving my frustration with everyone else having great equipment,
and me not.
(sad pitty party for one please)
then I read this quote...

“We were taught that the most important thing a young photographer can do is learn how to see. It wasn't about the equipment we were using. I don’t remember being taught any technique. A camera was only a box that recorded an image.” -Annie Leibovitz

and perhaps.
just perhaps...
I will take a few photos in 2010.
with my little camera.
and it's little lens.

while wearing some pretty fabulous boots I might add...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Colten went with me tonight to Hobby Lobby
only because I was going to Barnes and Noble after
and he wanted a book.
Leaving Hobby Lobby:
"See that was fun!"
"Mom...we spent 30 minutes in there and you didn't even get anything...I would hardly call that fun"
"It's good practice for you...when you're married your wife might want to spend time in stores just looking ...while you hold her purse"
(sigh) "Well I hope it's a European handbag"

Monday, January 04, 2010

My one little word for 2010: Chocolate fountain.
that's two words.

so this morning went better than anticipated.
which means after school may not go well...
did I mention tired?
and that's just going to be me...
can you imagine the boys?!?

I have a house that is extremely messy.
Like three boys home for two weeks messy...
so I suppose I should go clean it.
my one little word for 2010 is not going to be procrastinate...
at least that's one little word that I might really be able to embrace...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We should get jerseys cause we make a good team
But yours would look better than mine,
cause you're outta my league
And I know that it's so cliche to tell you that everyday
I spend with you is the new best day of my life
And I'm racking my brain for a new improved way
To let you know you're more to me than what I know how to say
You're OK with the way this is going to be
This is going to be the best thing we've ever seen
If anyone can make me a better person you could
All I gotta say is I must've done something good
I came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I gotta say is I must've done something right
I must've done something right
(Relient K)

somethings I'd like to improve/learn/work-on/do this year...
also known as New Years Resolutions...

*and please note, I like to make these lists, but I'm not so much a pressure-ones-self type of girl, so it's a laid back list...please don't yell at me next January if I've not completed even half of it.
Because trust me, I won't.

Esther quote:
should be happy colored pen filled squares of FUN
not pressure...

I would like to learn to knit.
I would like to learn to sew.
I want to scrapbook least once a week.
I want my photos printed. caught up. and in albums.
I want to work on my organization.
(specifically in regards to menu planning, preparation and grocery shopping...ick. I'm bad at this)
I want to take a vacation with my family.
(*a vacation that doesn't constitute staying in a hotel for soccer or baseball)
I'd like to work on getting in better shape.
(cliche, but true-che)
I want to read more...1-2 books a month sounds like a reasonable goal.
I want to draw some.
I want to be more present in the now, and focus less on the future.
I would like to work on being friendlier...even when I don't feel like it...but without being fake.
(is that possible? sometimes I come off as being "not nice"...I know....shocking huh?)

happy colored typewritten lines of FUN...
here is to 2010.

ps. the chocolate fountain...really
I'm just saying...

pps. I can not believe school starts tomorrow. Tomorrow morning is going to be brutal.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Not in his ear...

I actually have two New Years Eve videos to post...
(someone might be enjoying their little flip a little too much)
however, it's taken a ridiculous amount of time for this one to load...
so the one of us toasting the new year will have to wait.

clearly I have boys because I felt the need to repeat the same thing
and over
and over again...
I'm a dork, what can I say.

hopefully I'll have some fondue fundo pictures up soon...
and a list of my resolutions for the year...
you've got to make some right?
I actually love a new year...
a new chance to set goals even if I'm horrible at keeping them.
It's sort of like that elusive Monday when I'm dieting...
ohhhh Well...
I still enjoy the idea of new start...
and a continuum of traditions into yet another year...

Oh... and I just love what my friend Tara wrote on her blog:
(Hopefully she forgives me for "borrowing" it)

May 2010 bring you much love,joy and happiness & most especially the peace that comes from knowing Jesus. I have many things to work on this year, as always. Life is wonderful and there is nothing better than learning, growing & changing yourself.

so perfect. and true.