Thursday, January 14, 2010

True conversation:
Me "J don't you have any soccer stuff to wash?"
Jared "Uh...yeah, I guess...I was just going to throw it back in my bag"
Me "You were just going to wear them again tomorrow?"
J "Uh...yeah"
Me "Even your sliding shorts?!? Jared! That's like wearing your underwear two days in a row!"
J "Yeah..." (as in "yes, and your point?")
Colin "That's my boy"
Me "Please go throw those in the wash right now"...

Boys are so gross...

Some questions/comments to clarify from yesterdays postapalooza...

(btw...totally not out of line)
The boys do fix their breakfast just about every morning...
(Unless I'm making something for the oatmeal)
we have a million boxes of cold cereal they pour and deal with,
granola bars...
I'm all about me.

I don't fix them breakfast...
it was more a post about what I'd like...
to fix them something warm and homemade before school...
versus the reality of the mad-dash that is our mornings.
They don't/won't get bacon.
(Unless it's Sunday)
If that makes sense...?!?


I did stitch that title
for fun...I just wanted to try it.
I liked it.
I might try it again...
What I'd really like is to learn to use a sewing machine
so I can sew on layouts...
but I failed at that...

Where am I posting my layouts now?
I will probably go back and post them on 2peas...
but you are's not the same.
Scrap In another option?
I don't know.
Where do people post their layouts now?

and the chocolate fountain will of course have it's own layout...
was there any doubt?!?


pakosta said...

so you hand stitched the title?! wowzers! even more impressed now!
and yes, boys are gross! having 5 big brothers, believe me, I do know! don't have to worry about my germ freak savannah wanting to be near a boy for awhile! say , hopefully til she's married!
I hope you scrap again today!

Audrey said...

I wish we had slower mornings, but that's not a reality with our family either. None of us are morning people (except Cami -- but that's on weekends when she is allowed to watch TV, so she gets up before everyone else and flips between Disney and Nick Jr). The girls usually do toaster strudels (for Cass) and those sausage/pancakes on a stick (for Cami).

I still post my layouts to 2Peas....and Scrap in Style is a good option. I have a gallery there -- though it is very out-of-date. I just do an album on my blog too, and I have an album on Facebook.

sarah said...

i wholeheartedly agree. the peas is NOT the same. i've posted a few pages praise. i know one shouldn't post for praise, but come-on. we all like to have comments, right? i tried Scrap in Style - but it got weird for me. i want the old peas back.

and you CAN sew on layouts. i have faith. just take some cardstock and practice. straight lines. zig-zags. practice! don't be scared....OR, come here and i'll give you lessons ;)

essie said...

don't you love how nasty these little people are that we
how are they part of us when they are
boy-o-boy gross?!!!
i just cleaned ben's room and pres's closet and i think vomitocious decribes it best!


gabbyfek said...

love you
and your choco fountain
and your stinky boys.

Jessica Fulkerson O'Brien said...

ah-ha! gotcha! if you start cook breakfasts like that every morning, i'm moving in! ;)

i started to post on 2Peas and ScrapInStyle again, but both are dead to me. i have my scans in my computer files but for some reason, it feels good "putting them out there". i think i'll keep doing it for now and sharing on my blog.

Shaun said...

I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one with boys who don't get the whole idea of wearing clean clothes.

lisa truesdell said...

i post at peas when i remember, but to be honest, scrap in style sorta freaks me out.