Friday, January 29, 2010

power-filled snow-filled snow-day
pot-roast in the oven
Whip It ready for viewing
me still in my pjs...


NeverEnoughTime said...

it's STILL snowing here in Joplin...ready for it to quit and the wind as well!!

tara said...

that's funny, that they get school canceled for a dusting of snow LOL! oh well, it's fun!!! love the pic!

essie said...

WHAT i would give for even a MOMENT of a snow day.
we had blizzard conditions on thursday and b/c it's Base Commander (b/c HE knows EVERYTHING about schools...naturally) who makes the decision to close school GUESS where i was?!!!

it took an hour to drive 10 miles.

not so happy for the essie...
i've been a suck a** blog buddy, getting back to it today!
love you bunches!!!