Monday, January 11, 2010

After a snowday and a "cold"-day off of school last Thursday and Friday
this morning came much too soon...
I would like to buy another snowday please.
The cold,
not so much...

What have we been up to?
was Jared's last session of ODP (for winter)
instead of being in Little Rock,
which frankly is a trek all by itself,
it was in Fort Smith.
Like 4 and a half hours away,
minus stops...
and you can ask Colin,
I'm worse than the boys with "stops"...
So we got up at 6:30am on Saturday morning...
and got home around midnight:30....
I of course forgot my camera.
(Shocking...I know)

Had I remembered it,
I would have taken photos of:

*Jared playing. He looked great. Of course just about every time he had a nice assist, or tackle the coaches that were rating the boys were looking at the other field.
Go figure.
I'll have to take some flip footage of him playing this spring...
I know you're suppose to think your kid is good, but he is a really good player...I swear to it.

*Our umpteen trips to Starbucks...
including Jared's new love affair with shaken black iced tea lemonades...
I've created a monster.
He had 3. I guess there is no question why he didn't sleep in the car on the way home, eh?

*The littles with their blankets and coats over their heads to block the glare on the gamesboys in the car...

*The littles shooting on the rebounder in the gym...

*Jack laying on the indoor turf playing gameboy...oblivious to all around him.

*Jared wearing his sweats, hanging past his butt of course, sanuks, shorts, tshirt, and hoodie.
He was a hot mess...(did I mention it was coooooold)

*lunch at Panera (I miss Panera)

*Our brief potty stop at HobbyLobby...."MOM! No looking at stuff!!!"

*dinner at Arbys (I miss Arbys)

*probably my new boots...because they're so cute.

was a lazy Sunday...
Well, not completely lazy...we un-Christmased the house.
Which is way less fun than Christmasing it.
Now it feels like we have way less "stuff" around us...which is kind of nice.
We watched football, and a movie.
low. key.

Monday. I'm cleaning. So exciting...
Jared has soccer.
Coley has a dentist appointment...
and I'm making baked potato soup for dinner.

That's all I've got today...


gabbyfek said...

that all sounds beautiful.
especially the arbys.
and yes.
jared's an amazing soccer player.

pakosta said...

Did you get your menu planned out for the week?! I just have MOnday and Tuesday planned! I think I need that soup recipe!
I want to see all 3 of your boys play soccer! YOu must record them and post a video!!!
did you look at anything at Hobby Lobby?! LOL!

sarah said...

mmmmm. arbys! we have one here. another reason to come visit ;)

sounds like a lovely weekend.
i enjoyed the "photos" :)


gabbyfek said...

i want that cake.
not a nice picture, sisser.
i also want arbys.
and baked tater soup.

Shaun said...

Sounds like a crazy/fun trip. We are freezing here as well but we have not had any time off from school.

essie said...

so the doodle bug announced:
"e takes much better foodie pictures then you mom...need to work on that!"

your ear pierced little has spoken!

love you muchly!!!
and...i went worldwide on my blog for the e love
holy hot mess!!