Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colten week continues...

(it's like shark week on Discovery channel, only way cooler...)Jan: I'm returning your call. You said it was urgent?
Michael Scott: It is urgent. I just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.
Jan: Today's not my birthday, though.
Michael Scott: Really? 'Cause I thought we had the same birthday.
Jan: (pause) Happy birthday, Michael.

aka: Colten, Coley, Cole, O, Oley...

Like last year some random facts about my middle:

11 facts:
(according to me)
1. No one believes me when I say he's my loudest child. (he's super quiet at school)
2. He will be the first to ask if you're feeling better, or remember it's your birthday...he's extremely thoughtful.
3. He can't stand being late. and by late I mean he'd like to be fifteen minutes early...
4. He has asked me to flip flashcards upside down before...because "it's easier to figure out" that way.
(the dyslexic brain is kind of cool)
5. He always has to wrestle, mess with, hit, kick, or disturb his younger brother when passing by him.
("what? we were playing")
6. He does quite well at school, but isn't a huge fan.
7. He has the BEST eyebrows...they are super expressive.
8. and eyes. they are hazel like his Daddys...his are more brown then green, but change like a chameleon depending on what he wears.
9. Usually questions me when I ask something of him instead of just doing it.
(little frustrating)
10. Loves fashion, and would wear a suit coat daily if I allowed it.
11. Is slightly obsessive about his shoes and his watch. He likes them to be super neat and clean...

11 things Colten likes:
(according to him)
playing outside
my family
the Cavs, the Titans, the Galaxy and the English Nat'l team
Fuji Japanese Steak house
my watch

11 things Colten doesn't like:
(according to us both)
cheese that isn't melted
the Steelers
ill behaved kids
under armour shoes...they should only make under armour
speech class
wheat bread
when people here call their snickers bar "sneakers"
when his shoes get messy

Favorite food: pizza
Least favorite food: bluecheese
Favorite drink: rootbeer out of the bottle
Least favorite drink: grape soda
Favorite tv show: Mythbusters
Least favorite tv show: SpongeBob
Favorite book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Least favorite book: n/a (doesn't read books he doesn't like)
Favorite hat brand: DC
Least favorite hat brand: n/a (loves pretty much any hat)
Favorite color: red
Least favorite color: yellow
Favorite movie: Get Smart
Least favorite movie: Enchanted
Favorite day of the week: Friday
Least favorite day of the week: Monday
Favorite class: PE
Least favorite class: Social studies
Favorite band: Beastie Boys or GreenDay
Least favorite band: Mylie Cyrus
Favorite state: NC
Least favorite state: AR


pakosta said...

I had to check to see a post about the Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Colten! He is a GEM, interesting, smart, funny and wow, what a sweetheart! I adore him and I don't even know him! and oh my goodness, him and savannah are ALOT alike. (scary). tara

essie said...

this is the dearest post...makes me wish i had done one for each of our littles, and, that you and your were so much closer.
love love love!!

gabbyfek said...

i love this.
and come on back to nc, coley.
we miss you.