Friday, May 29, 2009

allow me to brag on my boys...

When Jared was born the nurse brought him to me in the night and exclaimed
"He's so alert and serious, looking around investigating the world. I believe that he just might be doing algebra in his head"
I am sure he was...

Jared told me it wasn't a big deal if we missed his awards ceremony...
his Dad was gone that week, and it was in the evening
we had other places to be...and it "wasn't a big deal" according to J.
Well, what we didn't know was that Jared won the award for the highest grade in geometry.
(we found out shortly after, when half of the 8th grade class texted him)
He was the only 8th grader in the 9th grade class.
and he had the highest grade.
It was a big deal. A very big deal....
and we missed it.
Just one of many goofs that will occur when parenting multiple children.
so just for the record...
Jared is extremely gifted, and I'm so very very proud of him.
(even if I did miss the darn awards ceremony...)

it would be lovely if the school sent home a little note when your child is getting an award other than honor roll.
Not that honor roll isn't reason enough to attend...but a heads up would have been helpful....

This morning Jack Banana got the citizenship award for his class.
His adorable teacher Mrs. Cindy said that
"All the students in the class will tell you that they adore Jack" that's pretty cool.
I have to agree with the class.

I love seeing my boys shine with their own strengths and accomplishments.

and no,
I didn't leave Coley out,
he has his awards on Monday.

happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So it's 90 degrees here today.
I now remember why I need to lose weight.
Not to be cute.
Or buy (read that fit in) cute clothes.
(although I can not lie... those are very close contenders)
It's because being fat in the summer is not cool.
It's actually the opposite of cool. It's hot.
and not in a good way.
In a true stroke of brilliance,
I stopped to get (hot) coffee before heading to the grocery store this afternoon.
(in my defense I had a headache....what? coffee is not medicine?)
that really really cooled me off...
or made me sweat more.
or the other.
Last night Jack had an amazing catch.
He was playing second,
the kid that hit...really hit. hard.
the ball was heading straight at Jack. fast.
he literally scooped it out of the air.
(and then I think he looked behind him to see where it went)
His coach was so proud of him.
It was cool.
I could tell Jack was pretty tickled with himself.
The boy can hit, but catching....not always so much....
When he came off the field Coley went over to the dugout to tell him good job.
Jack replied
"It was coming right at my face...what was I suppose to do?!"
Ha. that's my boy..... *How much do I love that there is a Hootie on the team? Lots.

Jack had his allergy testing this morning.
48 polka dots on his arms...
and ....
thundercats are go!...
Happy dance. happy dance.
The allergist said there is always a possibility
especially with peanuts,
but after two years of being ok it was unlikely...
so that was a relief.

Having a teenager on facebook is interesting.
(just having a teenager is interesting)
I'm getting use to the text-talk*
What I can't understand is the horrible horrible spelling.
I understand it's a relaxed environment....
and clearly on my blog punctuation is not my priority...
but simple words like "impressed" spelled "empressed" ?!?
Seriously...there are a lot of teenagers today are going to grow up and not be able to spell.
and contrary to popular (teenage)'s sort of important.

Of course Cole's speech teacher informed me (at the IEP meeting)
that my child doesn't really need to learn to write legibly
"they just use computers anyway"...
She was not making a joke.
but I may have laughed.
a tiny bit.
I vote both writing and spelling important.

I'm so ready for my boys to be done with school.
(they're ready too)
Jack has gone to two different parks, had "water day", played in a kick-ball "tournament",
gone to the zoo, had board game day, and has field day tomorrow....
I think they're done.
What about you?

*np. isn't a typo and doesn't really mean no. it is possible that someone thought that...and might have gotten rather angry with their teen.
np = no problem.
I'm slowly catching on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer List 09 Edition

So far the list includes:

1. Go to Crater of Diamonds State Park and look for diamonds
2. Go to Disney World (way to aim big Coley)
3. Go to the Gulf Coast/beach
4. Go camping
5. Go to a RedBirds game

6. Go to NC
7. Go to the lake
8. Run in the race
9. make tye dye shirts again
10. Go hiking

11. Go to a movie
12. Take walks after dinner at the park/let the boys play soccer
13. Bike ride at Craighead Forest Park
14. Fish at Craighead Forest Park

15. Get a puppy
16. Make smores in our firepit
17. Get 3-D sidewalk chalk and make some art outside
18. Have a squirt gun fight
19. Get/use a weight bench
20. Movie/game nights once a week
21. Get a basketball hoop
22. Soccer camp
23. Go to Graceland
24. I still want to go here
25. Plant flowers in the garden boxes in the backyard
26. Eat outside whenever possible
27. Go on picnics
28. Go to a museum
29. Play tennis as a family
30. Play baseball as a family
31. Watch fireworks
32. Get ice cream from Andys
33. Paint
34. Read Read Read...
35. make Kool-Aid
36. Get our own fireworks to set off
37. Make popsicles
38. Have a lemonade and cookie stand

We will add to the list for the next few weeks,
then cross off as we go
of course play outside is a given.
Some new ones and some from last years list.
Oh summer. We love you.
*** Colten also suggested "buy a Corvette"...I decided we could just leave that one off.

Monday, May 25, 2009

(my Dad in Vietnam)

Thankful today (and always) for the brave men and women fighting for the freedom we enjoy daily. God bless our soldiers.
A must read today.
(We love you Tony, Essie and the Harrison clan)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


1. Jack came home from school yesterday with a lovely rash and hives on his face. I was pretty sure it was something he ate, but took him to the doctor this morning anyway. We saw the new pediatrician at the clinic, and I loved him. I knew when he started talking about Fast Food Nation, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food I would be switching our primary doctor.
He told me that it's entirely possible that Jack reacted to something in the (horrible) processed food they have during "snack" here at school, and that it's probably not a return of the food allergies of his past. But. To be on the safe side, Jack is having allergy testing next week.

2. When Colin leaves for any amount of time it is inevitable that
1. something will break.
2. someone will get sick.
3. I will have to be multiple places at once.
and I got to check all three off the list the first day.
Jared is going to love that I'm leaving him at Colten's soccer practice tonight so Jack and I can go to the orientation at the middle school. Teenagers love that sort of thing.

3. Speaking of middle school. Why in the world would they move 3rd graders to middle school?

4. and Speaking of school. I am still not convinced I'm not homeschooling next year. Why is it such a hard thing for me to decide? I don't know, but every time I think I'm sure what I'm doing in the fall, I change my mind again.

5. I can not wait for summer vacation. Making the annual summer list of things we want to do. Sleeping in is right at the top of the list...for me anyway.

6. Jack has a baseball tournament this weekend. The first game is tomorrow night, Colin won't be back yet, so I need to know where I'm going.
Directions at the batting cages last night went something like this
"Turn by the WalMart. Go until you see a four-way stop...I think it's a four-way. Turn right. No, it's left I think. You will see a bridge off to the side. Look for a school...."
Because I'm not directionally impaired enough as it is.
So, I asked if maybe the coach could email the address to us.
This is the email I received. "Drive down the bypass. Take the first Trumann exit by the Super center. Turn LEFT at the stop sign. Go straight until you pass the Sonic at that light turn RIGHT....etc"...No address.
It's like my grandpa giving directions while I was driving. Turn at the tree honey. No not that tree... the next no the next one....

7. Here is an example of why I shouldn't try and take photos AND cheer...
Happy almost Friday.
Colten was studying for a history test a few weeks ago...
Colin asked him a date.
he replied "1762"
"Close" Colin said "It was 1772...the year of your mother's birth"
Colten looked at me funny.
"I was born in 1972 Cole"
without missing a beat my child says
"Ohhh....I was going to say did you hang out with Sacagawea or what?!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tiny review of our tiny trip...

During our trip to Ohio
we spent a lot of time in the pool. (yes, it's the same in the water as it is out)

the boys saw their old friends, teams, and teachers. and we ate at all of our favorite restaurants that we miss.
it was pretty neat because we've never been back to a place we've moved from.
(and as frequently as we do that, it's sort of crazy we haven't)

in Missouri the rain let up and the middle played in a tourney...while the big and the little worked on "rainbows"...
which is when you kick the ball out from behind and arc it over your head landing it at your feet...
if that makes sense.
it's amusing to watch.
Jack can't quite do it yet.
Jared can (occasionally)...
We drove over 1500 miles in the 6 days we were gone.
I took an absurd amount of photos like this...
and this...
but not a lot elsewhere.

I'm still attempting to get caught up.
and Colin leaves tomorrow for a work trip...
(hopefully he will leave with clean undies....but the verdict on that is still out)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Working on a little bit of laundry right now.
Be back soon...

Monday, May 11, 2009

After these messages we'll be right back...
Heading to Ohio with Colin.
Work for him. Fun for us.
Then off to a soccer tournament in Missouri.
Please note
my boys could care less if they have clean underwear,
or clothes...
snacks are a different story.
We have just a few snacks for the car.
The iPods are charged.
MacGyver (the complete first season) is in with the dvd player...
and we will be back in a week.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Both tournaments were cancelled because of rain.
I get my four all to myself ALL weekend.
Lucky lucky me.
To top it's an amazingly gorgeous sunshiny day.
happy mother's day weekend friends...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jack comes home from school frequently with odd requests.
I need coffee filters, and twist ties...
I need pipe cleaners, and tissue paper...
I need glue and a squirt bottle....
He's always making something.
It was lovely this weekend, to see Colten join in.
(without being encouraged by us)
His fine motor skill issues normally make crafts less than enjoyable....
but apparently Jack sold his latest and greatest craft idea to Coley,
and he actually,
dare I say...
enjoyed it.
Makes my heart happy...

I really need sofa advice...
I always thought I would want this sectional or one similar (and less expensive)
but maybe it isn't the most practical choice....
It would fit our living room here perfectly, but we won't be here for long...
and maybe a sectional won't be the best fit in our next house...
So then I thought maybe I wanted something simple like this one (this style)
in red...but then again, maybe I should get a more neutral color....Then I found this one and I like it too...Can you tell we've never bought "real" furniture for our home?!?
Colin's mom gifted us with sofa money for Christmas
and we have yet to spend it.
The decision is so hard.
Sofa suggestions? Links? Ideas? I need them...
ooooh do I ever.

Monday, May 04, 2009

He's getting better....

Any guesses on what he is playing?