Friday, May 29, 2009

allow me to brag on my boys...

When Jared was born the nurse brought him to me in the night and exclaimed
"He's so alert and serious, looking around investigating the world. I believe that he just might be doing algebra in his head"
I am sure he was...

Jared told me it wasn't a big deal if we missed his awards ceremony...
his Dad was gone that week, and it was in the evening
we had other places to be...and it "wasn't a big deal" according to J.
Well, what we didn't know was that Jared won the award for the highest grade in geometry.
(we found out shortly after, when half of the 8th grade class texted him)
He was the only 8th grader in the 9th grade class.
and he had the highest grade.
It was a big deal. A very big deal....
and we missed it.
Just one of many goofs that will occur when parenting multiple children.
so just for the record...
Jared is extremely gifted, and I'm so very very proud of him.
(even if I did miss the darn awards ceremony...)

it would be lovely if the school sent home a little note when your child is getting an award other than honor roll.
Not that honor roll isn't reason enough to attend...but a heads up would have been helpful....

This morning Jack Banana got the citizenship award for his class.
His adorable teacher Mrs. Cindy said that
"All the students in the class will tell you that they adore Jack" that's pretty cool.
I have to agree with the class.

I love seeing my boys shine with their own strengths and accomplishments.

and no,
I didn't leave Coley out,
he has his awards on Monday.

happy weekend!


pakosta said...

WOW!!!! i would be so very proud!!! that is so awesome!! tell your boys they are so extremely brilliant and lovely and I just can't wait to meet them! tara

sarah said...

SUPER cool!
what smart boys you have! YAY to them!

(and yeah. a little note home would have been super helpful...gesh.)

happy weekend! xx.

Shaun said...

CONGRATULATIONS JARED!!! What an accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourself. I know your parents are.
Erika, yes, it would be nice if the schools sent home a note. I was not planning on attending Mitchell's honors assembly this year simply because I did not think he was going to be awarded anything other than honor roll. Then last week they sent home a note informing us that our child would be recieving an award. So, we went. You will have to read my blog to find out what he won.
Great job JACK!!! That is a very, very important award. I hope you realize how special it is and how proud you should be.

Missy said...

That is AWESOME!!
you have some smart cookies on your hands there, Erika.

essie said...

oh treehouse...
what a "tree"mendous year you have experienced!!

casa h is so proud of you and all the goodness that is rolled into 3 boylies, a momma and a daddy!
big hugs, so much love!

spidey and crew