Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jack comes home from school frequently with odd requests.
I need coffee filters, and twist ties...
I need pipe cleaners, and tissue paper...
I need glue and a squirt bottle....
He's always making something.
It was lovely this weekend, to see Colten join in.
(without being encouraged by us)
His fine motor skill issues normally make crafts less than enjoyable....
but apparently Jack sold his latest and greatest craft idea to Coley,
and he actually,
dare I say...
enjoyed it.
Makes my heart happy...

I really need sofa advice...
I always thought I would want this sectional or one similar (and less expensive)
but maybe it isn't the most practical choice....
It would fit our living room here perfectly, but we won't be here for long...
and maybe a sectional won't be the best fit in our next house...
So then I thought maybe I wanted something simple like this one (this style)
in red...but then again, maybe I should get a more neutral color....Then I found this one and I like it too...Can you tell we've never bought "real" furniture for our home?!?
Colin's mom gifted us with sofa money for Christmas
and we have yet to spend it.
The decision is so hard.
Sofa suggestions? Links? Ideas? I need them...
ooooh do I ever.


essie said...

go for the sectional-

we've done both of the sofas you looked at (remember the green canvas...) and this time around

it's all about the sectional.

you are amazing and you will make it work where-ever you are (fingers crossed...GERMANY!!)

lovin and missin you!

sarah said...

wait. is there ANOTHER move in your near future? don't listen to essie. germany is so not as cool as oregon ;) listen to essie regarding the sofa. get the sectional. it's fabulous. and like she said you'll make it work where ever you end up.

so, the sectional is my #1 pick with the second one pictures as my close 2nd.

good luck. sofa shopping is hard!

pakosta said...

love that pic. the sectional would fit anywhere i would think?! just get iT!

Shaun said...

As much as I love color, I would definitely go with a neutral color. Grey, beige, etc are good choices. Do you have an IKEA nearby? If not, check out their web site at This is where we have bought all of our furniture and it is the best and very affordable. They just opened one in Charlotte, NC so we do not have to drive to Atlanta! Yea.

gabbyfek said...

and neutral
this is what i say.
or red.
you love me.