Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So it's 90 degrees here today.
I now remember why I need to lose weight.
Not to be cute.
Or buy (read that fit in) cute clothes.
(although I can not lie... those are very close contenders)
It's because being fat in the summer is not cool.
It's actually the opposite of cool. It's hot.
and not in a good way.
In a true stroke of brilliance,
I stopped to get (hot) coffee before heading to the grocery store this afternoon.
(in my defense I had a headache....what? coffee is not medicine?)
that really really cooled me off...
or made me sweat more.
or the other.
Last night Jack had an amazing catch.
He was playing second,
the kid that hit...really hit. hard.
the ball was heading straight at Jack. fast.
he literally scooped it out of the air.
(and then I think he looked behind him to see where it went)
His coach was so proud of him.
It was cool.
I could tell Jack was pretty tickled with himself.
The boy can hit, but catching....not always so much....
When he came off the field Coley went over to the dugout to tell him good job.
Jack replied
"It was coming right at my face...what was I suppose to do?!"
Ha. that's my boy..... *How much do I love that there is a Hootie on the team? Lots.

Jack had his allergy testing this morning.
48 polka dots on his arms...
and ....
thundercats are go!...
Happy dance. happy dance.
The allergist said there is always a possibility
especially with peanuts,
but after two years of being ok it was unlikely...
so that was a relief.

Having a teenager on facebook is interesting.
(just having a teenager is interesting)
I'm getting use to the text-talk*
What I can't understand is the horrible horrible spelling.
I understand it's a relaxed environment....
and clearly on my blog punctuation is not my priority...
but simple words like "impressed" spelled "empressed" ?!?
Seriously...there are a lot of teenagers today are going to grow up and not be able to spell.
and contrary to popular (teenage)'s sort of important.

Of course Cole's speech teacher informed me (at the IEP meeting)
that my child doesn't really need to learn to write legibly
"they just use computers anyway"...
She was not making a joke.
but I may have laughed.
a tiny bit.
I vote both writing and spelling important.

I'm so ready for my boys to be done with school.
(they're ready too)
Jack has gone to two different parks, had "water day", played in a kick-ball "tournament",
gone to the zoo, had board game day, and has field day tomorrow....
I think they're done.
What about you?

*np. isn't a typo and doesn't really mean no. it is possible that someone thought that...and might have gotten rather angry with their teen.
np = no problem.
I'm slowly catching on.


pakosta said...

I think it's sad that they are saying they don't need to learn how to write because they have computers! that's so sillY! clearly, I am NOT a writer, but I want my girls to know how! LOL!
funny about the facebook and the lingo though.
Savannah already acts like a teenager, just can't wait until she is one ha ha!
My girls have had the hardest week of school. Science tests, Math tests and spelling tests. it's been crazy! THey are working hard until the end. THe last 2 days they get to do fun stuff like scrapbooking and a science fair (is that fun? my daughter thinks so). I don't know why they waited until the last minute with so much homework! it's insane! Savannah had to study over 30 flash cards for a Science test--hello she is in 3rd grade!
Can't wait to meet you in July!

sarah said...

you are funny + you make me laugh.
and you are NOT fat. NOT.

ah, teenagers + their text talk. i much prefer (mostly) proper grammar w/complete sentences. acronyms leave too much room for confusion!