Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer List 09 Edition

So far the list includes:

1. Go to Crater of Diamonds State Park and look for diamonds
2. Go to Disney World (way to aim big Coley)
3. Go to the Gulf Coast/beach
4. Go camping
5. Go to a RedBirds game

6. Go to NC
7. Go to the lake
8. Run in the race
9. make tye dye shirts again
10. Go hiking

11. Go to a movie
12. Take walks after dinner at the park/let the boys play soccer
13. Bike ride at Craighead Forest Park
14. Fish at Craighead Forest Park

15. Get a puppy
16. Make smores in our firepit
17. Get 3-D sidewalk chalk and make some art outside
18. Have a squirt gun fight
19. Get/use a weight bench
20. Movie/game nights once a week
21. Get a basketball hoop
22. Soccer camp
23. Go to Graceland
24. I still want to go here
25. Plant flowers in the garden boxes in the backyard
26. Eat outside whenever possible
27. Go on picnics
28. Go to a museum
29. Play tennis as a family
30. Play baseball as a family
31. Watch fireworks
32. Get ice cream from Andys
33. Paint
34. Read Read Read...
35. make Kool-Aid
36. Get our own fireworks to set off
37. Make popsicles
38. Have a lemonade and cookie stand

We will add to the list for the next few weeks,
then cross off as we go
of course play outside is a given.
Some new ones and some from last years list.
Oh summer. We love you.
*** Colten also suggested "buy a Corvette"...I decided we could just leave that one off.


Shaun said...

Wow! That is some list. You forgot one thing; visit the Paddock's in South Carolina. So, tell me how you came up with this list. Do you have it posted somewhere? I would like to do something like this. Every year we end summer with 'I wish we had done this' or I wish we had done that'.
Thanks for sharing.

gabbyfek said...

on 2 and 6
love that oley.

Jason Ebeling said...

So do you think we could coordinate something this time if you do make it to NC? It is #6 on the list.

pakosta said...

what a FUN list!!!
I made a list last year and did about half of it. Guess what is on my list for July 11th????

gabbyfek said...

how did i miss #15 the first time????????????????
we're still debating driving + max for july. holy crap that would be insanity. you would not do #15 after that, me thinks.

sarah said...

i love your summer lists...
such good things on them!

hopefully, HOPEFULLY i'm there for #8. but i'll be walking. not running. i just say no to running ;) i lost out on my free plane ticket...so i'm figuring out a plan b.