Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top 25 (for now)

So we decided to make our list of things to do this summer at dinner the other night,
and the first thing out of the boy's mouths when asked
"What do you guys want to do this summer?" was...kid you not..."MOVE!"
after explaining that is probably not going to happen this summer....
we came up with our short list:

What we want to do this summer (besides move):
By-Jared, Colten, and Jack

1. Go to the pool
2. Go camping
3. Have a bonfire in the backyard
4. Make smores
5. Watch the fireworks
6. Go to the pool
7. Get a slip-n-slide
8. Go to a Memphis Redbirds game
9. Go to the BMX park in Little Rock
10. Go to Graceland (Jack is REALLY hip to see "Elvis's house", why, I don't know)
11. Go see this (ok, this one is totally the mommas, but doesn't it look cool?!)
12. Take family after dinner walks
13. Get frozen custard from Andy's
14. Go to the lake
15. Plant a garden
16. Go to soccer camp
17. Go to the movies
18. Get a new TV
19. Have a squirt gun fight
20. Tie dye t-shirts
21. Get a basketball hoop
22. Have family game night once a week
23. Catch fire-flies
24. Use the juicer
25. Get/use a weight bench (Jared)

Not as good as our list last year, but not too shabby.
Some of the same things, mixed in with some new ones.
I'll change them to red as we complete the list...or try to.
And maybe we will add to it.
As you can see,
we already managed to complete somethings last weekend.

We also plan on reading....a LOT.
I am trying to finish up this, I'm reading this outloud to the littles, and this, and Jared is working on this one. (which I may want to read when he's done, I can't decide)

What do you have planned this summer?
Give us some more ideas to get our list to 50!

ETA for Mike: Of course "see Evansen" is a given, and doesn't even need to be on a list ;)...
you can't list Ev next to "make smores" not the same. The boys can't wait to meet their cousin....


sarah said...

can I come have smores with you guys? you can come watch the fireworks at the coast with me...I rented a house with a big yard - so you can camp too. Cross off 2 things. ;)

a few things on my summer to-do list include:

a picnic on top a mountain (Mary's Peak - the tallest mountain in the OR coast range)

the beach for the 4th...

DaVinci Days (a local weekend festival - concerts, parades, kinetic races, etc...)

a weekend in a treehouse (that's in September though)

a rodeo (teehee!)'s all LOCAL stuff.
Maybe you guys should move here this summer. ;)

Mike said...

Your boys are in big trouble for not putting "seeing their new baby cousin" on the top of that list. Maybe that should come second on the list after, "seeing uncle Mike"

gabbyfek said...

my hubby is FUNNY
he is such a blogger now....
love the list.
maybe i need to make one for ev.
it would start w/... make my mom less neurotic.

Cheryl said...

sounds like a divine summer! Here we cave up cuz it's so ^&%#%$#^% hot. >:=0

Missy said...

I think I need to make one, too.