Thursday, December 02, 2010

l-r: webcam nonsense take 3, snow, december on the board.
jack eating breakfast annoyed at me for taking his picture, astrid and her ice cubes, astrid blooming {again!}, fireplace, defense vitamin water.
workout, green juice, my new belt, nestle coffe cup obsession, leftovers for lunch.
taking photos of me taking photos of me, more webcam nonsense.
advent calender... love deciding what to put behind the doors {candy, notes saying what "surprise" we'll do that night hot chocolate, watching ELF, Christmas Vacation, etc..}, Jared home from school eating his tortilla "snack" {?!?!}, leaving for baseball practice, thanks J for scrapping the windshield....brrr-rr-rrr.
J, Jack, my new boots, baseball, make-your-own-bagel-pizzas for dinner.
Coley back from soccer, fire, texting, Jack, littles.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

still no heat
gluten free toast
3 grocery stores
soaked e
alcohol infused spray whip cream?! whaaaaat???
soccer - J
futsal - Cole
{futsal = quick paced short sided indoor soccer}
my crockpot ♥
new recipe from the cookbook Gabby sent me for dinner
taco soup
fell asleep in front of the tv
watching The Good Wife

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this is suppose to be the week I do the week in the life project
with two of my most favorite people
tara and ashley
i've been super excited about it
but apparently I lack the ability to really follow through on anything lately

so here is my lame attempt
at this cool project

we arrived home Sunday night from wisconsin
to discover we had no heat...
so the fireplace has been working overtime

breakfast in front of the fire:

what the little boys watch in the morning:

the rest of the morning was coffee by the fire...

and editing thanksgiving photos...

I then spent the afternoon a little weepy...
missing my sister
missing my friends
the photos end there.
but truly
that was my day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

the little boys had off today.
{teacher conferences}
so we took a walk...
which translated to me trying to avoid getting nailed in the head w/ the football..
while walking
attempting to take photos...
{if you've met me you know just the walking part is sometimes challenging}

they even let me take a few photos when we got home...
they were thrilled.

lovely, eh?!?

tonight we're going to see the University of Akron men's soccer team play.
they are really good.
so we're excited.
happy weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

if only teal was my favorite...

I sort of forgot that today was going to be a crazy day...
like wackadoodle crazy...
doctor appointments for all the boys,
{at separate times}
conferences at school,
soccer practice for the biggest
and tryouts for the middlest.
I have literally started one load of laundry,
turned the dishwasher on,
worked out,
& taken a shower.
otherwise I've been in the car.
Impressive, eh?
So we shall break the house up.

I think the above photo best represents my house currently.

that would be the living room.
when you walk in the house
the very first room you enter
and for seriously all we have in it is that red sofa.
very cutting edge in the interior design I am.
the plan is the red sofa will go in this room:which is like the family room off the kitchen.
along with a brown leather chair.
{that I currently do not own}
I like this room...
minus the hideous teal carpet that will be replaced.
the mantel is just holding things here ...
{this photo was taken right after we moved in}
and I'm debating the brick.
I can't decide if I should paint it
there is also exposed brick in the kitchen...

And please note in the first photo...
the previous owners painted around their entertainment center...
super classy.
so that room will be painted &
there is also teal carpet in that room.
{not kidding}
eventually we will replace with hardwoods.
it's a work in progress...
a slow
work in progress.

off to soccer.
I've missed you all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Colin and I went to get flu shots the other evening...
which was the first time I've done that...
I have mixed feelings about said shot...
which is just an entirely different discussion...
I was slightly on edge...
and whenever I'm nervous
or uncomfortable
I talk
a lot
a lot a lot a lot...
about anything
and everything
that comes to my mind.
which horrifies Colin for the record.
(or FYI as Jared would say..."FYI mom... you talk a lot when we're in public")
I don't say anything.

I've decided that apparently I'm the same way with blogging.
either I talk and talk and talk (about nothing of importance)
or I have nothing to say.

I typed that last post with the intention of blogging that night,
or the next day...
but then I noticed that my last post was September 8th,
and thought oh how clever I can post on Monday November 8th...
make it exactly two months between posts.
(which yes, I acknowledge is ridiculous)

You'll notice it's now Wednesday the 10th.
I am so darn clever.

So we've moved into our new house.
It sure beats the hotel,
but I have much to do.

Other blog worthy news:
*that you probably already know if you're on facebook with me*
{you should be on FB with me if you're not...just sayin. it's kind of fun}

Jack got his hair cut off. off.
Sad day for the momma.
Jack is thrilled.

Jared turned 16.
I turned...

My laptop died...
like no hard drive died,
and I lost all my summer photos.
(true story. true depressing story)

My cell phone also died...
and I lost all my phone numbers.
(no I'm not making this up)

Halloween was fun.
even though we had like 4 and a half trick-or-treaters.

I just got some really cute boots from Target.
{ok, that's not really blog worthy news...sorry}

That is really all I've got.
How about some house photos tomorrow?!?

Friday, November 05, 2010

don't look now...

but a blog update is coming soon...
I know
I know
It's about time e...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I have not blogged in over a month...
the "good" news is,
I'm still taking random photos in case I ever decide to blog again.
{like of me driving}
We are still in the hotel...
day 72 I believe.
{not that I'm counting...ok, I am}
I think I'm done being a resident of the Homewood Suites,
although they've been lovely.
{minus the missing IPod touch}
We close on our house on Monday,
So hopefully I'll have some photos of the house in progress to post,
or some words about how much I love unpacking...
or how awesome it is to have teal carpet...
something like that.
I am pretty sure I remember why I haven't blogged in over a month...
I have nothing interesting to say...
other than I miss you all.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ummm...did I say a photo a day was on like donkey kong?!?
I meant it might be on...
or not...
maybe not...
How about two quotes from yesterday that made me laugh out loud?!?...
Looking at a house to maybe rent (plan B you know)
"Ohhh...THAT one?!? Ugh...I hate the curb appeal on that one" -Jack
Yeah, the curb appeal. love it.
Colin grabbed a plate of cookies last night and was talking to some guy...
I asked where he was and Jack said...
"Dad is getting cookie wasted over there"
Jared had a quote that almost made me pee my pants yesterday,
but it shall not be repeated...
naughty bad that one...but ooooh so funny.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A photo a day in August sounded like a brilliant plan,
until August totally snuck up on me...
What the heck?!? Not cool August...not cool.
So here are a few from Sunday at the Cleveland Art Museum:
Just funny...
Jared and I are soooo mature.
Colin says I'm a teenage boy.

Me "shooting" the camera. I may have taken a photo of some guns, and I may have been told I was "keeeeling" the artwork because I may have used my flash...

I grew up in art museums, the guards can bite me.
the boys and I keeled things with the camera after that...cuz we're funny.
(and clearly easily amused)

(phone pic) from yesterday:
Joined the stupid rec center...
the boys are happy...
I'm reminded I'm not a huge fan of other people's children.
Good heavens...

and (webcam pic) today:
A phone call from Germany...from my essie.
Makes for a happy happy happy e.
oh. the. happy.

We are still in the hotel.
New hotel home record this time...which makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.
Waiting to hear back from the sellers after the inspection...
holding my breath...
just a little.
Photo a day in August...officially in effect.
It's on like donkey kong.
JelloLOVE and KoolAidKisses

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

typical day:
(photos taken over 2days, because someone kept forgetting the camera)

the littles sneak out of very dark room with me around 8am
we leave Jared there, he prefers to sleep

we go down to the lobby for breakfast
coffee for me...

then we go back up to the room,
J stays asleep,
the littles watch cartoons...

I play on the computeraround 10:30 or 11 Colten and Jack go wake up Jared,
and they play some playstation...yesterday I decided to go to Target, because the walls were closing in on me.
I love my truck (in case I haven't mentioned that lately)need to clean her out though...
floor options for the new place, now I just need someone to come install the new floors...3 of the like 6 bracelets I had on...
loving bracelets this summerTarget makes me happy.
Starbucks, nailpolish, Zac Brown Band cd, lipgloss, a baseball for the Jack, and some pop for the boys...because really, when you're stuck in a tiny hotel room it's a good idea to keep boys hyped up on sugar and caffeine.
we eat lunch in the room...
and then we swimJared works out while we swim...
he also loses his key every day, so he usually shows up to get mine so he can get into the workout room.
cute, eh?yesterday I read, today I swam...

sometimes if I get lucky J comes down to the pool when he's done running,
and we watches the boys while I go lay out for a bit.

my favorite part of the cement where I sit outside:funny sidenote: the old pool guy yelled at Jared the other day because he was watching the boys in the pool when I ran up to switch the laundry. He told Jared he wasn't old enough to watch them. We laughed about this later, because the deepest end of the pool is 5ft. Jared is 6'3"...yeah...

After we swim it's back up to the room,
or reading...
or texting your girlfriend...whatever Astrid, Bob and Sharkbait are all here and accounted for...Living out of suitcases
Joy oh joy...Monday - Thursday...5pm is dinner in the lobby
Sometimes it's good, sometimes...ooooh not so good.
Tonight was yummmy,
well, please note Jared's plate...
mac-n-cheese, and cookies.So we opted for a little after dinner nachos and walk ...Monday - Thursday also means cookies at the front desk.
The boys put a hurtin on their cookie supply...and the popcornbig wheel anyone?
little shining-esque, eh?
yeah, I think so too...
and that's about our show.
Told you...riveting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

just letting you know nothing has changed here
still living in the hotel
still not updating the blog
taking some photos tomorrow of a typical day here
which should be riveting for all
yeah, I said riveting
yeah, I'm totally lying...
but you'll at least get a blog update,
which counts for something,

Friday, July 23, 2010


Told you
Miss Clara is
Stole this photo from my sister-in-law's facebook page
because I wanted you all to get to see the cuteness

Thursday, July 22, 2010

things that may or may not happen when you find yourself living in a hotel:
you might take an absurd amount of photos of yourself with your new webcam
you might do the same with your camera
you might also take video with that webcam
video of nothing
trust me when I say
you also might find all kinds of things to "like" on facebook
pretty much anything and
everything the teenagers you're "friends" with on facebook like
this may, or may not be cool
{it's not}
but it amuses you
so you just keep liking things
nonsense happening up in here
but clearly living in a hotel
does not
mean you might want to update your blog
ps. because I'm a horrible blogger as of late
I have yet to announce the birth of my newest niece
Miss Clara Jane
photo tomorrow...
she is just delicious
pps. tried to post a video
but blogger said no way
maybe later