Thursday, December 02, 2010

l-r: webcam nonsense take 3, snow, december on the board.
jack eating breakfast annoyed at me for taking his picture, astrid and her ice cubes, astrid blooming {again!}, fireplace, defense vitamin water.
workout, green juice, my new belt, nestle coffe cup obsession, leftovers for lunch.
taking photos of me taking photos of me, more webcam nonsense.
advent calender... love deciding what to put behind the doors {candy, notes saying what "surprise" we'll do that night hot chocolate, watching ELF, Christmas Vacation, etc..}, Jared home from school eating his tortilla "snack" {?!?!}, leaving for baseball practice, thanks J for scrapping the windshield....brrr-rr-rrr.
J, Jack, my new boots, baseball, make-your-own-bagel-pizzas for dinner.
Coley back from soccer, fire, texting, Jack, littles.


pakosta said...

i need to post mine!
are you having fun doing it this time? I had a
bad day today! ICK!!!

sarah said...

things i love: seeing a certain card in the calendar picture, you and your cute self portraits, vitamin water + timbuk2's, buddy the elf and candy behind doors.


essie said...

phone calls = phabulous

shortbus is sitting on my lap licking me to;a JUST after 5am, i'm ready for him to sleep!


sending you
all my love
all my fixing
(only of course after i pay the vet bill)
all my thanks
for being MY person.

i love you for knowing i needed an "it's okay-they are one in the same" and for being strong enough for both of us
to say it.

i'll send smoke signals later...
i miss you-more!

gabbyfek said...

where aaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuu???
come blog again.

gabbyfek said...

um i MISS you. xoxoxo.

pakosta said...

we all miss YOU!

essie said...

please come back in 2012


qwe said...

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