Friday, August 31, 2007

My Fanny Needs No Pack

I need to
dedicate a blog post just focused on my babyFek excitement....which is immense.

I need to share Jack's exciting news.

I need to
Ashley to tell her she needs this for Marley-Jane....(I love Halloween)Essie to tell her how much I love her and to find out all that's going GERMANY!
because I miss my friends

I need to
packages to
Mr. Merry Mike (your birthday present is coming I swear...)

I need to

Ash to talk about Arkansas ('ll never believe THIS one....) and see how her move is going...
and Frani

I need to do these things because I love my friends, and I really suck at emailing, calling and mailing.....I mean, really suck. 10 step program suck.
But I think about them all the time, sooo
I have to work on this.
I do.
It's my back-to-school-years resolution. (which really is the new year for me)

I need to do lots of things....
I think I'm going to be better,
I feel it....
this week I just needed to adjust to our new school routine.
Meaning less sleep for everyone and more driving for me (both of which make me cranky)This year I'm working at the school, as a monitor.
No, and I could not be any less cool.
I have to wear a whistle....which I so do not want to have to ever use...
and I was told to wear a fanny pack. (what the?!?)
Which clearly by the look on my face was obviously never ever in a million years going to happen, so I haven't been asked to do that again....

I had no idea what I was getting myself in to when I volunteered for this "job"...
I had no idea it was a real job...
and now...
I have to spend two-and-a-half-hours-that-seems-like-twelve with second and fourth graders while they eat lunch and go out for recess.

Frankly I get tired of me...

"No running"
"Be quite"
"Girls...girls....girls.....stop talking girls....GIRLS!"
"Be quite"
"Please don't use that word"
"Be quite"
"Stay in LINE"
"Be quite"
"We are going to be last again because y'all can't be quite"
"Seriously?!? BE QUITE!"

a little girl brought me a flower she picked from the playground today though...
maybe it won't be that bad.
maybe eventually they'll listen to me.
I SO do not want to have to use my whistle

Monday, August 20, 2007

to Hope

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - AesopI want to let you all know about an opportunity to help,
and at the same time receive some amazing art.My dad (an artist, and professor of art) has created a suite of prints in memory of my sister's struggle. The intaglio prints are absolutely breathtaking, and such a labor of love."In March of 2006, Alex DeVinny lost the most important race of her life with her long time rival, anorexia nervosa. Many of her last years and months were spent getting or trying to get treatment. While she was in-patient at the treatment facility in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Lana and I would visit several times a week, making the trip from Racine "through the country." It is a pastoral Wisconsin landscape with scattered farms, many working, many having succumbed to the ravages of time. After her death those architectural relics of what was once strong and productive, became a metaphor for her life, her struggle, and work was started on a suite of etchings, "the Journey to Hope." These prints are not for sale, but rather will be given to those who will donate at least $500 to the Alex DeVinny Memorial Fund. Proceeds from this fund are used to support eating disorder education and research." -Doug DeVinny

I know that sounds like a tremendous amount of money to a lot of you (like me for instance),
but in reality each print alone is worth that, and you get 10. *(ETA-Actually you get 11, I was dad just let me know he added another...)

I know it's out of the question for many,
I also know that I'm surrounded by an amazing network of creative people...
perhaps some of you are currently on the lookout for some artwork
you know someone that is...

you might consider going in with some friends,
or a few friends...
and then dividing the prints up.

I just wanted to let you all know about this unique opportunity, please let me know if you need more information, or if I can send you a flyer to look over. (
Spread the word. Love to you all. xe

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me Likey

Check out Phil Hansen.
VERY cool.
My dad sent me this link awhile ago
and I just finally got a chance to sit down and check him out w/ the boys.
They loved his work....especially Bruce Lee.
And how about the Value of Blood?!?
Cool guy...
back to your lives...
just thought I'd share.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Crush me...

Gab and Mikey celebrated their 4th last week...(dear lord, look at my babies! CUTE)
Speaking of which....hey Gabby...13?!?
How about a post? I have been quiet FOR SO LONG it's killing me! (Love you)

and my lovely sis-in-law Erin married Pete on Saturday.That is her, at the rehearsal, wearing the cutest Betsey Johnson dress EVER.
Yeah, they're adorable....we like them a lot....
(even if I now must write a disclaimer about this not being a world famous blog, and carefully make sure I don't swear, too much....thanks guys)

Erin holding her bouquet for the first time....Beautiful....(Erin and the flowers)
The blue dress she's wearing there, very cute too I might add. My mother-in-law suggests dresses for everyday wear, because....let me see if I get this right...."they don't get stuck in your whatzit like pants do" (Love ya Jane) heehee....
I was unaware that my whatzit had pant issues, but I'm contemplating dresses from now on.

I had to include a photo of the program, because I'm in love with the tree she used.One of my favorite things they did was since my father-in-law passed away Erin, Colin and their mom, all wore something of his down the aisle, so part of him was with them....
I know...ugh, so sweet. Gosh they're darling, aren't they?
I didn't take the photo below (Tabis did....please don't sue me Mr. Tabis)....
I like it though...I love the way Pete is looking at her in this one....
This was my VERY small contribution to the day...I made the wish cards.
Everyone was to write "wishes"/advice on the cards and hang them on the tree....
Some super wishes and then some drunk wishes ;)
Not that the drunk wishes weren't good advice....just more advice perhaps for bedtime.

The reception was at the Morton Arboretum
( the favors were baby trees to plant....)
ok, that was sort of random, but it was such a cool location, and gorgeous inside and out...
I had to share.

I didn't take the next photo, just tweaked it a little, (yeah, it's Tabis), I wanted Gabby to see the back of Erin's dress though.... (and of course I have nooo photos of it) Meet Mayhem and Chaos....They were quite excited about the dessert bar....which included rootbeer floatsI have no idea what they're doing here...nor did I take this photo (Thank you Mr. Tabis), but gosh they're CUTE! even untucked and sans the ties....I have 2 more rolls of film to develop, so I'm sure you'll get sick of seeing photos from me soon.