Monday, August 20, 2007

to Hope

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - AesopI want to let you all know about an opportunity to help,
and at the same time receive some amazing art.My dad (an artist, and professor of art) has created a suite of prints in memory of my sister's struggle. The intaglio prints are absolutely breathtaking, and such a labor of love."In March of 2006, Alex DeVinny lost the most important race of her life with her long time rival, anorexia nervosa. Many of her last years and months were spent getting or trying to get treatment. While she was in-patient at the treatment facility in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Lana and I would visit several times a week, making the trip from Racine "through the country." It is a pastoral Wisconsin landscape with scattered farms, many working, many having succumbed to the ravages of time. After her death those architectural relics of what was once strong and productive, became a metaphor for her life, her struggle, and work was started on a suite of etchings, "the Journey to Hope." These prints are not for sale, but rather will be given to those who will donate at least $500 to the Alex DeVinny Memorial Fund. Proceeds from this fund are used to support eating disorder education and research." -Doug DeVinny

I know that sounds like a tremendous amount of money to a lot of you (like me for instance),
but in reality each print alone is worth that, and you get 10. *(ETA-Actually you get 11, I was dad just let me know he added another...)

I know it's out of the question for many,
I also know that I'm surrounded by an amazing network of creative people...
perhaps some of you are currently on the lookout for some artwork
you know someone that is...

you might consider going in with some friends,
or a few friends...
and then dividing the prints up.

I just wanted to let you all know about this unique opportunity, please let me know if you need more information, or if I can send you a flyer to look over. (
Spread the word. Love to you all. xe


essie said...


I'll do whatever I can...
love to your parents, gab and her growing family, and to you and the treehouse, of course!

Missy said...

e - these are beautiful.
I've passed your blog along to a friend of mine who looks for art to auction off for another cause- I told her she could help 2 causes in one :)

Marmot said...

you know how much i love your fam.
i wish i had the $500 b/c your dad's art is amazing and the story behind the drawings is incredible.
...know that i'll continue to support in other ways.

gabbyfek said...

amazingness, sisser.
thanks for posting.
i will take it to al's blog.

erika said...

need to sign is as you to copy and paste the info....

sarah said...

I wish I could help more...
but I will definately pass this information along - we have a board at work, I'll put it up there.
the art is amazing...
you and your family are amazing.

cheryl said...

These prints are beautiful! I will spread the word. (((hugs)))