Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack....
Not really.
Sort of.
I'm just saying hi.

1. When I cut Astrid the orchid back after her flowers died I figured that was probably it...but looooook! She's back too. So I think maybe that means...{gasp}...I can grow something.
Lovely. And I'm sure orchids are super easy to move, right?!? yeah.....

2. Little Rock all weekend. Baseball and soccer tournaments. 90++++ degrees. But tons of fun.
Jack got to eat at Hooters twice. I'm still not sure how that happened....

3. It was my first experience there. The waitress messed up our bill not once...or twice....noooo, by the third time I was laughing so hard I was crying and had to excuse myself to the bathroom.
I felt bad. I know she wasn't hired for her math skillz but come on...

4. Is Verizon really getting IPhones? Because I want one...

5. This is the boys last week of school. Crazy.

6. I love my new TapOut shirt. Love. I'm a dork. A huge dork.

7. My sister is having babyZ in two weeks! I'm sort of beyond excited....and I so need to buy my ticket....and go shopping. Twist my arm on the babygirl shopping. Get out....the CUTE level is high.

8. We always do all this stuff around the house to make it "nice" before we sell....and then it's always the way I would have liked while I was living here....and I always wonder why we wait until we're leaving to do that.

9. I like green juice. Just sayin...

10. Jared has his awards ceremony tonight at school. Last year he told me it wasn't important, and Colin was out of town, so we skipped it. He ended up getting a trophy for math.
Not. Skipping. It. This. Time.

The end.
Nothing exciting...but it's all I've got.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ok. I lied....

back briefly to show you what my son did during his field trip to the zoo.
They were suppose to make a video of the animals...
omg. this cracks me up.
(pause my music before playing)
J is video taping, and says "yeah" at the end.

all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...
all work and no play makes e a dull girl...

be back once i get this house on the market

Friday, May 14, 2010

on this Friday I bring you an excerpt from:
My Awesome Poems
By: Jack
(Dedicated to: My family)

Acrostic poem:



Fun Exciting
Running Hitting Catching
off the walls Fun
Yelling Throwing Batting
Cool Awesome


A tiger is feirce
It runs fast to catch it's pray
Tigers are so fast

and my personal favorite...

his Couplet:

I don't like to read.
I don't feel the need.

Happy Friday friends!
Enjoy your weekend.
We're heading out of town for baseball and soccer.
{if the rain holds off}

Thursday, May 13, 2010

...not to dwell on how old my kid is or anything...
but ummm...whoa...
doesn't seem like THAT long ago I made this page.
I'm pretty sure WorldCup is this summer though...
and the boy is 15.
And crazy that Coley is the age Jared was in this photo.
{J looks older to me}
He is still not going to watch the games in a sports bar.
Good to know some things stay the same.
{Gosh I miss scrapbooking & this would be why}
2 posts in one day...
can only mean one thing
someone {might} be procrastinating the cleaning of the house...
the realtors are coming tomorrow.
better go.
the boys are thrilled that over Easter
I realized how cute these jars look filled with candy.
I've created M&M monsters ...
and I can't seem to keep them full for long.
{both the boys and the jars}

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I really don't have much to say at the moment...

Jack cracked me up with his calendar update.
On the 14-15th he crossed off the soccer tournament,
{the one we still have}
and wrote in that he has baseball.
and then "no" "no" and "no" to Little Rock for soccer.
We are having some strong objections lately from Jack toward soccer.
I think this might be his last season playing.
I can't lie. I'm sort of glad he decided on his "own" sport...chose to do his own thing.
I think being the third boy, it's a good thing to have your decidedly different strengths.
Now if someone could put a stop to the endless "soccer is better" "baseball is better" arguments that would be great.

Jared told me he liked my shirt this morning and I punched him in the arm.
In my defense, I thought he was kidding.
He wasn't.
It was sweet.
(not me punching him in the arm, him complimenting me)
He's as sarcastic as I am...it was hard to tell...

Jared is becoming more and more fun to hang out with...
he's a good guy.
Crazy when your kid becomes more grown-up like and less kid like.
I'm sad I only get him here another three years.
I can't think about it because it makes me cry.

Lack of sleep also makes me weepy.
Such a bad combination.
I haven't been sleeping well because I'm stressed I think.
I'm not really sure...
I don't normally get this stressed about anything.

I've moved when I was nine months pregnant with a four year old,
when the boys were 11mos, 3, and 7 we moved across the country,
I've moved with toddlers,
and while it made the unpacking more challenging.
Moving my teenager is just almost more than I can take...
Pulls at my heart...and makes me question our decisions.

(That and selling the house always stresses me out a bit)

It will all be fine....
in the meantime
I finished my tiny cross stitch.
(Erin quit looking if you're not suppose to see it)
...totally enjoyed it.

Friday, May 07, 2010

thinking about:
How Colin and Jared can't get along lately, and Jack and Colten can't.
I feel like a referee.
And while I enjoy wearing black and white...
I do not look good in stripes.

Cross stitching is ... coming along.
{insert giant happy face}
I am concerned that the back doesn't look the same as the two rows she started for me though.
The front looks ok I think.
The back looks different, so I am sensing I'm doing something wrong.
I don't know.
Why I'm even stressing over the back of the design...
I do not know.

Kaiser rolls.
I want to see Colten jazzed?
Make his sandwich on a deli kaiser roll.
"I looooooved my lunch. I looked forward to it all morning"
(who knew?!?)

It figures that I find out I'm moving
just when I discover a few people I'd actually love to hang out with...
(Seriously...happens every time)
And here I thought I'd figured out the "distance yourself so you don't get close thing"....
DARN it.

I need to figure out how to tie ties.
With three boys,
it might come in handy.
Like this morning for instance...

It's hot here.
I don't do hot well.
Who am I kidding...
I don't do cold well either.
Why can't it just be like 75 with no humidity all. the. time.
Is that asking too much?

Soccer tournament for Colten this weekend.
First game?
7am tomorrow.
In Memphis.
Holy early game batman.

I'm staying here for Jack's baseball tournament.
4:30am wake up call? Noooo thank you.
Colin is a much better morning person.

This is the biggest small town I've ever lived in.
Literally I told four people we're moving...
and two days later,
everyone I see knows.

If I like you...I will re-name you.
Really, I'll probably just shorten your name...
If I can't shorten it,
I will lengthen it...
but if I like you, I will probably not call you by your given name.
I apologize in advance for this.

Sometimes people don't like having their name shortened.
One of these people may now being calling me Rika.
I may KEEL this person ifin he doesn't stop.

We went to a church here where the pastor said
God would KEEL {kill} us if we spoke poorly about his church...
have I told that story?
I think I have...
I say KEEL a lot.
Only went to that church the one time.
I have nothing bad to say about the church though.
{you know...just in case}

I'm going to learn to shoot {a gun}...
I am. SUPER. excited.
I have always wanted to learn.
It is on my list along with learn to knit, sew, & cross stitch.
Yeah...That sounds about right.

THIS is super cool.
Sarah is one of my most favorite people I've never met.
(but feel like I know)

I might need more coffee today.
The giggly teenage girls at Target today just about did me in...

That would be my random for this Friday.
Have a glorious weekend friends!

Things we will miss from Arkansas: Andy's Frozen Custard.
{Blueberry concretes right now...guess what I'm SO getting this weekend}

Things we are looking forward to in Ohio: Chipotle {oh. how we've missed you}

*Yes. I'm hungry. Can you tell?!?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dear babyChuck-
I know you're not born yet...
you're a girl...
and your name is not in fact Chuck...
I'm writing you a little note of apology in advance.
You see when your momma emailed me and asked if I'd make a cross stitch for you...
I said yes.

How darling the idea...of having a little cross stitch from lots of different family and friends that all love you so much hanging on your nursery wall...
Oh how I love that idea.
and then the mail came...
My envelope from your sweet Grandma,
and inside:and then I remembered an important detail...
I can't sew.
No really.
I can't sew.
I make your cousin Jared sew buttons on pants when they fall off.
True story.
Yes, I know...pathetic.

So while I think I should really really have a practice cross stitch for my first go-around...
I'm going to try this.
I have to tell you though,
it took me a good 20 minutes
to figure out how to get the fabric on that little ringy-thing...
No, ...I'm actually serious.

I know...I know....it's the thought that counts.
We are going to focus on that sentiment.
{and if worse comes to worse... there is always Jared}

Love you babygirl

PS. I'm actually hoping I love this....because it's super cute...and I sense I could find more cross stitches I might need to make. {lookout babyZ}

PPS. I really want to learn to sew.

PPPS. Jared would not be happy I mentioned his mad sewing ability.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

not to dwell on this issue...
but it's Wednesday.
and that would be four trains.
I'm just sayin.
*just got back from picking up the boys.
make that five...

Dylan is not a frog...

Baseball practice (the other night)

Jax- Jack's teammate
Phillip- Dad of another of Jack's teammates
Colin- You know him. However, if you didn't know, he takes his sports pretty seriously

Jax is throwing with another player next to the bleachers the parents are sitting on.
He's wearing his Yankees cap.
Colin: You a big Yankees fan? Who's your favorite player? (or something along these lines)
Jax: A-Rod
Colin: Noooo....You need a different favorite, like Robinson Cano.
Phillip: A-Rod is a fraud.
Colin: Do you like Robinson Cano?
Jax: YOU'RE FAT (to Phillip)
Phillip: (laughing) Wait ...What?
Colin: Really, you need to consider switching to Robinson Cano.
Jax: You are fat.
Phillip: (who is the opposite of fat) Jax...Why are you calling me fat? I didn't say you were fat?!?
Jax: You said A-Rod was a frog...and frogs are fat...so you are fat.
Phillip: I said he was a fraud.
Jax: I know.
Phillip: Fraud...not frog.
Jax: You're a frog.
Phillip: Frau....never mind. I was kidding.
Colin: I wasn't kidding though ...about Robinson Cano.

I was dying I was laughing so hard.
{maybe you had to be there}
I called Jared a frog a hundred times yesterday...
We are easily entertained.

Another favorite {FAVORITE} recent conversation of mine...

Jack (in a disgusted tone) "Your friend Dylan is on facebook, and he just asked if our mom was a professional photographer?!?"
Colten "What did you say?"
Jack (again, completely disgusted) "I said noooo. Then he said she should be."
Me "Ummm....Who is Dylan?"
Colten "A friend from school"
Me "I love that kid...I think he's my favorite of your friends"
Colten - eye-roll. big time.
Great kid that Dylan I don't know.

Things we will miss from Arkansas: Dylan
Things we are looking forward to in Ohio: Parades

Chicken enchiladas and guacamole for dinner! ahhhh yeah....
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

{layout from a few years ago when we lived in Ohio}

We lived in Ohio for exactly one year.
Almost to the day.
I disliked the whole year.
To the day.
When we moved here,
I said I would never...
move back to the north.

Which is why we are moving back to Ohio this summer.

My list of possible next moves....
South Carolina,
&/or Colorado...
so we are moving to Ohio.

The town where I left the grocery store multiple times
in tears.
Ohhhh yeah...
(and for the record, I am so not a cry-er)

needless to say I'm really excited.
or not.

I am however going to attempt to make the best of it.
{but thanks for listening to me whine a little here}

...this helped to encourage me this morning...

on the way to the boy's school:

and on my way back from dropping them at school:In an effort to be positive,
we've been doing "what we will miss" and "what we're looking forward to" lists...
I'll have to blog them once I get some photos.
Been a crazy week.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Dear Trains:
I will not miss you when we move.