Friday, May 07, 2010

thinking about:
How Colin and Jared can't get along lately, and Jack and Colten can't.
I feel like a referee.
And while I enjoy wearing black and white...
I do not look good in stripes.

Cross stitching is ... coming along.
{insert giant happy face}
I am concerned that the back doesn't look the same as the two rows she started for me though.
The front looks ok I think.
The back looks different, so I am sensing I'm doing something wrong.
I don't know.
Why I'm even stressing over the back of the design...
I do not know.

Kaiser rolls.
I want to see Colten jazzed?
Make his sandwich on a deli kaiser roll.
"I looooooved my lunch. I looked forward to it all morning"
(who knew?!?)

It figures that I find out I'm moving
just when I discover a few people I'd actually love to hang out with...
(Seriously...happens every time)
And here I thought I'd figured out the "distance yourself so you don't get close thing"....
DARN it.

I need to figure out how to tie ties.
With three boys,
it might come in handy.
Like this morning for instance...

It's hot here.
I don't do hot well.
Who am I kidding...
I don't do cold well either.
Why can't it just be like 75 with no humidity all. the. time.
Is that asking too much?

Soccer tournament for Colten this weekend.
First game?
7am tomorrow.
In Memphis.
Holy early game batman.

I'm staying here for Jack's baseball tournament.
4:30am wake up call? Noooo thank you.
Colin is a much better morning person.

This is the biggest small town I've ever lived in.
Literally I told four people we're moving...
and two days later,
everyone I see knows.

If I like you...I will re-name you.
Really, I'll probably just shorten your name...
If I can't shorten it,
I will lengthen it...
but if I like you, I will probably not call you by your given name.
I apologize in advance for this.

Sometimes people don't like having their name shortened.
One of these people may now being calling me Rika.
I may KEEL this person ifin he doesn't stop.

We went to a church here where the pastor said
God would KEEL {kill} us if we spoke poorly about his church...
have I told that story?
I think I have...
I say KEEL a lot.
Only went to that church the one time.
I have nothing bad to say about the church though.
{you know...just in case}

I'm going to learn to shoot {a gun}...
I am. SUPER. excited.
I have always wanted to learn.
It is on my list along with learn to knit, sew, & cross stitch.
Yeah...That sounds about right.

THIS is super cool.
Sarah is one of my most favorite people I've never met.
(but feel like I know)

I might need more coffee today.
The giggly teenage girls at Target today just about did me in...

That would be my random for this Friday.
Have a glorious weekend friends!

Things we will miss from Arkansas: Andy's Frozen Custard.
{Blueberry concretes right now...guess what I'm SO getting this weekend}

Things we are looking forward to in Ohio: Chipotle {oh. how we've missed you}

*Yes. I'm hungry. Can you tell?!?


pakosta said...

I love Chipotle YUM!

7am game is SO AWFUL!

okay you must not like me cause I don't have a nickname yet?!

that's funny about the small town and they all KNOW about you moving! I grew up in a small small town! so small that there are 2000 people in the entire county. I think 5 different schools attend our school, so their towns are EVEN SMALLER> crazy! nothing there! boring!
What is the population there!?

sarah said...

mmmmm. chipotle.
now i want guac. and chips. YUM.

hmmm. i say don't worry about the back of the cross stitch as long as the FRONT looks okay. are you stitching the correct direction (according to what she showed you?).

oh yes please! find me a location that is 75 and has no humidity and i'm there! sounds perfect.

and lastly...
thanks for the shout-out and the love! made me smile :)

enjoy your weekend and that blueberry concrete. sounds DELISH!

Audrey said...

I'm with ya on the weather -- let's just move to San Francisco, 'kay?

and I agree -- don't worry about the back of the cross-stitch. Mine always looked like a big ratty mess but you could never see it, so it was okay. :D

essie said...

i <3 you
and your moving self, e!
(the short of esther)

gabbyfek said...

loooooove you.