Monday, May 17, 2010

ok. I lied....

back briefly to show you what my son did during his field trip to the zoo.
They were suppose to make a video of the animals...
omg. this cracks me up.
(pause my music before playing)
J is video taping, and says "yeah" at the end.


sarah said...

awesome! i loved the panda ;)
and the "so weird she just licked that". "yeah."
b/c that is EXACTLY what i was thinking!

but seriously, super fun and creative!


Audrey said...

too funny! love how they give Le Le and Ya Ya a shout-out in the credits too...we visit those pandas all the time. ;)

pakosta said...

how fun! I just LOVED IT! he is VERY VERY Creative! great dancing, the panda added in is super awesome! tara