Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dylan is not a frog...

Baseball practice (the other night)

Jax- Jack's teammate
Phillip- Dad of another of Jack's teammates
Colin- You know him. However, if you didn't know, he takes his sports pretty seriously

Jax is throwing with another player next to the bleachers the parents are sitting on.
He's wearing his Yankees cap.
Colin: You a big Yankees fan? Who's your favorite player? (or something along these lines)
Jax: A-Rod
Colin: Noooo....You need a different favorite, like Robinson Cano.
Phillip: A-Rod is a fraud.
Colin: Do you like Robinson Cano?
Jax: YOU'RE FAT (to Phillip)
Phillip: (laughing) Wait ...What?
Colin: Really, you need to consider switching to Robinson Cano.
Jax: You are fat.
Phillip: (who is the opposite of fat) Jax...Why are you calling me fat? I didn't say you were fat?!?
Jax: You said A-Rod was a frog...and frogs are you are fat.
Phillip: I said he was a fraud.
Jax: I know.
Phillip: Fraud...not frog.
Jax: You're a frog.
Phillip: Frau....never mind. I was kidding.
Colin: I wasn't kidding though ...about Robinson Cano.

I was dying I was laughing so hard.
{maybe you had to be there}
I called Jared a frog a hundred times yesterday...
We are easily entertained.

Another favorite {FAVORITE} recent conversation of mine...

Jack (in a disgusted tone) "Your friend Dylan is on facebook, and he just asked if our mom was a professional photographer?!?"
Colten "What did you say?"
Jack (again, completely disgusted) "I said noooo. Then he said she should be."
Me "Ummm....Who is Dylan?"
Colten "A friend from school"
Me "I love that kid...I think he's my favorite of your friends"
Colten - eye-roll. big time.
Great kid that Dylan I don't know.

Things we will miss from Arkansas: Dylan
Things we are looking forward to in Ohio: Parades

Chicken enchiladas and guacamole for dinner! ahhhh yeah....
Happy Cinco de Mayo!


pakosta said...

cute conversations>!

NeverEnoughTime said...

how funny!!!

when will you be moving?

maybe this time will be better???

sarah said...

hilarious! love the kid logic.

set another place at the table tonight...that sounds DELISH!

p.s. you made me LAUGH by calling my blog commenters my "fans". you are funny!