Tuesday, May 04, 2010

{layout from a few years ago when we lived in Ohio}

We lived in Ohio for exactly one year.
Almost to the day.
I disliked the whole year.
To the day.
When we moved here,
I said I would never...
move back to the north.

Which is why we are moving back to Ohio this summer.

My list of possible next moves....
South Carolina,
&/or Colorado...
so we are moving to Ohio.

The town where I left the grocery store multiple times
in tears.
Ohhhh yeah...
(and for the record, I am so not a cry-er)

needless to say I'm really excited.
or not.

I am however going to attempt to make the best of it.
{but thanks for listening to me whine a little here}

...this helped to encourage me this morning...

on the way to the boy's school:

and on my way back from dropping them at school:In an effort to be positive,
we've been doing "what we will miss" and "what we're looking forward to" lists...
I'll have to blog them once I get some photos.
Been a crazy week.


Audrey said...

you have to let me know when you guys are moving...surely we can make a redbirds game happen before then.

and where in Ohio? back to the same place you were before? I think I have to go to Cincinnati for a conference next year, but that's barely in ohio, so prob nowhere near where you'll be...

pakosta said...

yay, you will be closer to me! and maybe come to WI to see the parents more, so I can see you too!

essie said...

my darling friend...
while i have to admit the utter disappointment i feel in mr. nestle's decision making
if anyone i know can make lemonade from this here
it is you.
hugs, love, and missing you thoughts from one of your
places to move.

sarah said...

ohio? again? i'm sorry friend.
i'm hoping that it is a much better experience for you all this time around.


julie said...

i know you don't know me...but i read your blog faithfully and love every thing you write!! lol anyway, i live in northeastern ohio and its really not too bad over here...we live in a small town, where they still have parades for the 4th of july, parades for when the military men come home, parades just for a parade..and the people are friendly here!! i promise...so hoping you will be moving to this side of the state...oh and i'm not from ohio..only lived here since 94, but i've gotten used to it!

ann said...

oh erica, i'm so sorry to hear how much you really hated it here. i feel your pain. i have lived here my WHOLE life and hate it alot. Every February i ask myself why the heck i'm still putting up with horrible ohio. but i really have no anwer!!
but for what it's worth, we at my house are very excited for your return!
and i promise to try to help you make it better this time!!


ps. i have to hear why you left (giant eagle?) in tears? although i can probably figure it out on my own. i hate that place. and try to go as little as possible.