Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I really don't have much to say at the moment...

Jack cracked me up with his calendar update.
On the 14-15th he crossed off the soccer tournament,
{the one we still have}
and wrote in that he has baseball.
and then "no" "no" and "no" to Little Rock for soccer.
We are having some strong objections lately from Jack toward soccer.
I think this might be his last season playing.
I can't lie. I'm sort of glad he decided on his "own" sport...chose to do his own thing.
I think being the third boy, it's a good thing to have your decidedly different strengths.
Now if someone could put a stop to the endless "soccer is better" "baseball is better" arguments that would be great.

Jared told me he liked my shirt this morning and I punched him in the arm.
In my defense, I thought he was kidding.
He wasn't.
It was sweet.
(not me punching him in the arm, him complimenting me)
He's as sarcastic as I was hard to tell...

Jared is becoming more and more fun to hang out with...
he's a good guy.
Crazy when your kid becomes more grown-up like and less kid like.
I'm sad I only get him here another three years.
I can't think about it because it makes me cry.

Lack of sleep also makes me weepy.
Such a bad combination.
I haven't been sleeping well because I'm stressed I think.
I'm not really sure...
I don't normally get this stressed about anything.

I've moved when I was nine months pregnant with a four year old,
when the boys were 11mos, 3, and 7 we moved across the country,
I've moved with toddlers,
and while it made the unpacking more challenging.
Moving my teenager is just almost more than I can take...
Pulls at my heart...and makes me question our decisions.

(That and selling the house always stresses me out a bit)

It will all be fine....
in the meantime
I finished my tiny cross stitch.
(Erin quit looking if you're not suppose to see it)
...totally enjoyed it.


sarah said...

first: i LOVE that strawberry! it's so cute and you did GREAT! see, it WAS fun! :)

very cool that jack is finding his own sport. good for him!

and i had to laugh that you punched jared for complimenting you! that is so something i would do. teenage boys can be so confusing ;)


Mike said...

Tell the boys that Uncle Mike played soccer and baseball for many years and still plays both...well baseball has turned to old guys playing slow pitch softball

Both sports are fabulous in distinctly different ways

pakosta said...

good for Jack doing his own thing! I love that each of your boys is so unique and knows what they want!

moving is stressful no matter what way you do it! it's so hard! I can imagine with a teen, even harder! but your boys are so adaptable! They will do well no matter what. and they are friendly and will have friends NO matter what!

gabbyfek said...

i'm still laughing.

also, i freaking LOVE that crossstitch. now make me one. well, not me, baby girl. so she can have it in her room.
please and thank you.

and i love those boys of yours. mucho.

essie said...

the moving with children issue.
"it is what it is..."
doesn't really help with the guilt
does make your children more resiliant-
in my experience, SO much more of a unit

your kiddos, they love you because of you and the adventures of the treehouse wherever that tree may be

love you sweetie
and to jack, marching to his own beat,
love to him too!

(ps-yay you-actually cross stitching!!!)