Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack....
Not really.
Sort of.
I'm just saying hi.

1. When I cut Astrid the orchid back after her flowers died I figured that was probably it...but looooook! She's back too. So I think maybe that means...{gasp}...I can grow something.
Lovely. And I'm sure orchids are super easy to move, right?!? yeah.....

2. Little Rock all weekend. Baseball and soccer tournaments. 90++++ degrees. But tons of fun.
Jack got to eat at Hooters twice. I'm still not sure how that happened....

3. It was my first experience there. The waitress messed up our bill not once...or twice....noooo, by the third time I was laughing so hard I was crying and had to excuse myself to the bathroom.
I felt bad. I know she wasn't hired for her math skillz but come on...

4. Is Verizon really getting IPhones? Because I want one...

5. This is the boys last week of school. Crazy.

6. I love my new TapOut shirt. Love. I'm a dork. A huge dork.

7. My sister is having babyZ in two weeks! I'm sort of beyond excited....and I so need to buy my ticket....and go shopping. Twist my arm on the babygirl shopping. Get out....the CUTE level is high.

8. We always do all this stuff around the house to make it "nice" before we sell....and then it's always the way I would have liked while I was living here....and I always wonder why we wait until we're leaving to do that.

9. I like green juice. Just sayin...

10. Jared has his awards ceremony tonight at school. Last year he told me it wasn't important, and Colin was out of town, so we skipped it. He ended up getting a trophy for math.
Not. Skipping. It. This. Time.

The end.
Nothing exciting...but it's all I've got.


sarah said...

i always feel like i comment first. am i a stalker? eeks.

1. i'm impressed. WAY impressed. i think i would kill an orchid just looking at it. good job e!

2. mmmm. chicken wings.

3. "wasn't hired for her math skillz..." bwahahaha :)

4. that's been the rumor forever. i'll believe it when i see it. however, i got sick of waiting so i jumped ship to at&t.

5. i wish i could go on summer break. but there's that whole i need the paycheck thing. lame.

6. i had to google that. so clearly i am the dork.

7. SO EXCITED for all of you!! (and we want pics asap!)

8. my parents would agree with you. their house if for sale right now too.

9. green juice? huh?

10. have fun...hope j gets another award!



essie said...

miss you muchly.

wishing over wishes that
mr. nestle
had moved you here


i also know that baby zeus needs her aunti*e* and i can share

love and kisses to jonesboro from germany!!!

gabbyfek said...

astird looks gorgeous, sisserfriend! come grow me something.

i get to see you SOON.
i am so excited.

loooooooove you.