Monday, June 07, 2010

Testing testing 1...2...3.....

Sorry for the blog shut-down today...
I was/am toying with the idea of password protecting the blog...
Haven't made up my mind yet.

I figured since I wasn't updating anyway, I'd just lock it up for the time being...
I love blogging, but I just don't have the energy to do it right now.
However... I actually have something exciting to post about tomorrow,
so I will put that idea on hold for the time being...

Tomorrow will be babyZ's birthday!
So excited to see that baby girl.
I will update as I check back,
you won't even need a password.

Thank goodness
I was thinking my next post was going to have to be about Kool-Aid...
or house cleaning...
that's about the most excitement happening around here lately.
Save me from myself...I swear.


sarah said...

first comment yet again.
it's official. i am a stalker.

also, i would still read if you talked about kool-aid and housekeeping. i'll talk about kool-aid for a minute: purplesauras rex. remember that flavor? it was my favorite. that's what comes to mind when i hear the word 'kool-aid'.

update us tomorrow auntie e.
we need pictures of this beautiful new niece baby of yours asap.


pakosta said...

I am an official stalker too, LOVE ME SOME *e*, missed your blogging! can't wait to hear about the BABY!
keep blogging PLEASE! i really need to catch up on mine too!tara

essie said...

i love you
that's all
and am going to call you before i go to bed tonight.

auntie e2
love you!

NeverEnoughTime said...

no don't leave us! I love reading when you blog....