Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dear babyChuck-
I know you're not born yet...
you're a girl...
and your name is not in fact Chuck...
I'm writing you a little note of apology in advance.
You see when your momma emailed me and asked if I'd make a cross stitch for you...
I said yes.

How darling the idea...of having a little cross stitch from lots of different family and friends that all love you so much hanging on your nursery wall...
Oh how I love that idea.
and then the mail came...
My envelope from your sweet Grandma,
and inside:and then I remembered an important detail...
I can't sew.
No really.
I can't sew.
I make your cousin Jared sew buttons on pants when they fall off.
True story.
Yes, I know...pathetic.

So while I think I should really really have a practice cross stitch for my first go-around...
I'm going to try this.
I have to tell you though,
it took me a good 20 minutes
to figure out how to get the fabric on that little ringy-thing...
No, ...I'm actually serious.

I know...I's the thought that counts.
We are going to focus on that sentiment.
{and if worse comes to worse... there is always Jared}

Love you babygirl

PS. I'm actually hoping I love this....because it's super cute...and I sense I could find more cross stitches I might need to make. {lookout babyZ}

PPS. I really want to learn to sew.

PPPS. Jared would not be happy I mentioned his mad sewing ability.


Anonymous said...

I've been cross stitching for almost 20 years. It's easy and me if you need help! SueT.

sarah said...

cross stitch.
another thing to add to the list of crafty things to teach e...
we're up to sewing, knitting, quilting and now cross stitch? yes?

at any rate, i love this idea! how sweet and creative! and i love the apology note, but i'm sure baby chuck will treasure your creation! you'll get the hang of it!


Audrey said...

cross-stitching is REALLY easy; you'll get the hang of it no prob!

can't wait to see the finished project -- and that's a fab idea!

pakosta said...

how funnY!
I can't sew either.
or cross stitch!
can't wait to see it done!
go jared!

essie said...

holy hot cross stitch-
aunt-e, you have me rolling on the floor!
do you need help?!!