Monday, July 26, 2010

just letting you know nothing has changed here
still living in the hotel
still not updating the blog
taking some photos tomorrow of a typical day here
which should be riveting for all
yeah, I said riveting
yeah, I'm totally lying...
but you'll at least get a blog update,
which counts for something,


sarah said...

i will be on the edge of my seat all day waiting for your typical day in the life post!

hey, you just have to make it an adventure, right? RIGHT.

sending love + hugs to my favorite motel dwellers.


pakosta said...

LOVE the pix!!
I totally can't wait to see
a day in the life at a hotel!
it sounds fuN! ha!
especially how you will describe it! I adore you>
keep taking pix!
it's great family time right, with nothing to do, nowhere to go!!!gotta love it! HAAAA~
miss YOU!