Wednesday, July 07, 2010

prepare for random...

so that's the yard that makes me want to buy the house it's attached to.
and huge.
Jack says it's not nearly as big as his friend Devon's yard.
which is true...
but I still think it's pretty awesome.
problem is, it's in Hudson.
which is not Solon.
which means 3 out of 5 of us would be less happy.
and frankly
I am trying hard to make everyone happy.
(for the record am failing miserably)

things I have been reminded of lately:
there is a reason I don't get along with most women,
hotel rooms are small...even the "big" ones,
swimming is good for your mind,
less good for your knee
although I feel like I am lately,
I'm really glad I'm not literally treading water, my knee hated that.
I have a desire to learn things...
haven't been this excited in forever.
(not the best timing, but many ideas for the future)
I want to paint.
I love my new laptop.
I hate having to pay to do laundry.
I miss my kitchen.
I miss. a lot.

we haven't found a house.
and we've pretty much seen all there is right now.
we're doing what any normal person would do...
we're heading to the lake for a little stress relief.
then we'll regroup and try to figure this out.
the good news is...
Colin got me this little reader-thing
so now I can post photos.
and lake photos = the best.


NeverEnoughTime said...

I love that yard as well...
it's hard to make everyone happy...
HUGS, it will all work out!

sarah said...

oh sweets.
i'm sorry you guys aren't finding a great place in solon. hopefully something will magically change when you get back from the lake. (fingers crossed!).
i'm also sorry you miss so much. i can't even imagine how stressful this all is for you all :(
enjoy yourself at the lake. eat smores. and swim. and relax with a magazine and a cool adult beverage.

and for the record, if i bought pants in "less than a size 8" i'd be shouting it from the rooftops. SO not stupid, in fact, it's downright awesome!

love + miss you!!!

pakosta said...

yay lake photos!
can't wait to see them!
Hope you had a fun day!
hope and pray you find a house soon!

essie said...

missing you as much if not more...
hang in there
a non hotel house is around the corner
the bend of the lake as it may be

you have the lady friends you need already-the rest is overrated!

for the record...the less than 8
(this is the plan at work for baby 4 isn't it?!!)