Thursday, July 22, 2010

things that may or may not happen when you find yourself living in a hotel:
you might take an absurd amount of photos of yourself with your new webcam
you might do the same with your camera
you might also take video with that webcam
video of nothing
trust me when I say
you also might find all kinds of things to "like" on facebook
pretty much anything and
everything the teenagers you're "friends" with on facebook like
this may, or may not be cool
{it's not}
but it amuses you
so you just keep liking things
nonsense happening up in here
but clearly living in a hotel
does not
mean you might want to update your blog
ps. because I'm a horrible blogger as of late
I have yet to announce the birth of my newest niece
Miss Clara Jane
photo tomorrow...
she is just delicious
pps. tried to post a video
but blogger said no way
maybe later


sarah said...

you = gorgeous. especially loving the second from the bottom on the right. beautiful my dear.

and i've noticed you've been "liking" everything and anything on facebook lately ;) just last night i thought to myself, e must be REALLY bored.

love to you and yours.
and again, more prayers, positive thoughts, crossed fingers and all that for a home soon.


essie said...

love you sweetness-
miranda drive is not the same without you....

pakosta said...

LOVE all the photos of YOU! so beautiful you are!!!
miss your blog!