Thursday, July 01, 2010

we made it to ohio.
we are living in a hotel.
the little boys are enjoying the suite life of jack and coley.
jared is doing ok.
i am doing...
and we are trying to figure out this house thing.
it's still kind of crazy. i'm not going to lie...

side note.
totally packed the cord to connect my camera to the computer away in storage.
technically the movers did...
but i'm a dork, and forgot to leave it out...
no photos.
which makes for unhappy blog posts.

happy 4th of july.
enjoy the fireworks.
the 4th = my favorite.


Jessica O'Brien said...

i don't know how you do it! i'm so bad with change!! enjoy your 4th! xo

sarah said...

have a happy, fun fourth!

a house will find you soon. the perfect house. i just know it.

sending you love! xx