Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Colin and I went to get flu shots the other evening...
which was the first time I've done that...
I have mixed feelings about said shot...
which is just an entirely different discussion...
I was slightly on edge...
and whenever I'm nervous
or uncomfortable
I talk
a lot
a lot a lot a lot...
about anything
and everything
that comes to my mind.
which horrifies Colin for the record.
(or FYI as Jared would say..."FYI mom... you talk a lot when we're in public")
I don't say anything.

I've decided that apparently I'm the same way with blogging.
either I talk and talk and talk (about nothing of importance)
or I have nothing to say.

I typed that last post with the intention of blogging that night,
or the next day...
but then I noticed that my last post was September 8th,
and thought oh how clever I can post on Monday November 8th...
make it exactly two months between posts.
(which yes, I acknowledge is ridiculous)

You'll notice it's now Wednesday the 10th.
I am so darn clever.

So we've moved into our new house.
It sure beats the hotel,
but I have much to do.

Other blog worthy news:
*that you probably already know if you're on facebook with me*
{you should be on FB with me if you're not...just sayin. it's kind of fun}

Jack got his hair cut off. off.
Sad day for the momma.
Jack is thrilled.

Jared turned 16.
I turned...

My laptop died...
like no hard drive died,
and I lost all my summer photos.
(true story. true depressing story)

My cell phone also died...
and I lost all my phone numbers.
(no I'm not making this up)

Halloween was fun.
even though we had like 4 and a half trick-or-treaters.

I just got some really cute boots from Target.
{ok, that's not really blog worthy news...sorry}

That is really all I've got.
How about some house photos tomorrow?!?


pakosta said...

yay for house photos tomorrow!
how about a close up of jacks' new do?! he is so dang CUTE!!!
glad you are blogging again!
I just took some new pix of ava today, about 200 of them, she asked me toO! so CUTE>

sarah said...

wow. i almost fell off my chair. you actually blogged!

i hope you're back, my friend. i've missed you terribly in the blogging world.

looking forward to house photos!

NeverEnoughTime said...

so glad you are back!
I LOVE FB, so I need a last name or you to send me a friend request...Becca Gardner Dorn is me :o)
Excited to see house pictures.

Rachelle said...

glad you're back!

missed your blog posts.
they make me laugh...
outloud :)


Laci Strickland said...

Yay! You're back! This makes me happy. And please don't tell me the snow in that collage is from this year! Snow. Already? Yikes!!

essie said...

i love you my

you always knew what to say with me...

qwe said...

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