Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this is suppose to be the week I do the week in the life project
with two of my most favorite people
tara and ashley
i've been super excited about it
but apparently I lack the ability to really follow through on anything lately

so here is my lame attempt
at this cool project

we arrived home Sunday night from wisconsin
to discover we had no heat...
so the fireplace has been working overtime

breakfast in front of the fire:

what the little boys watch in the morning:

the rest of the morning was coffee by the fire...

and editing thanksgiving photos...

I then spent the afternoon a little weepy...
missing my sister
missing my friends
the photos end there.
but truly
that was my day.


pakosta said...

awwww friend!
hugs!!! so sad you are missing
everyone....but a day in front of the fire with coffee sounds somehow delightful to me, esp. editing photos!!! esp. of those 2 babies! xoxo
you are doing awesome, it's a no worries kind of project! IF it makes you feel better, I barely got any photos today compared to yesterday and half of them are on my iphone! LOL!

sarah said...

i hope your furnace is fixed soon...in the meantime, sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee sounds like a good plan.

p.s. yes, that is my grandpa in that thanksgiving picture. isn't he the cutest? :)

aw said...

This is perfect.
and o, how I've missed you too.
you look stunningly beautiful.
its crazy how much I adore you,
and haven't even met you.


essie said...

i miss you SO much more
go listen to your phone
i left a message BEFORE i saw this.

sending you all my love-always
the other e

essie said...

also too-
my thanksgiving post...
see where you are...

gabbyfek said...

i love you so so so much.

qwe said...

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