Thursday, November 11, 2010

if only teal was my favorite...

I sort of forgot that today was going to be a crazy day...
like wackadoodle crazy...
doctor appointments for all the boys,
{at separate times}
conferences at school,
soccer practice for the biggest
and tryouts for the middlest.
I have literally started one load of laundry,
turned the dishwasher on,
worked out,
& taken a shower.
otherwise I've been in the car.
Impressive, eh?
So we shall break the house up.

I think the above photo best represents my house currently.

that would be the living room.
when you walk in the house
the very first room you enter
and for seriously all we have in it is that red sofa.
very cutting edge in the interior design I am.
the plan is the red sofa will go in this room:which is like the family room off the kitchen.
along with a brown leather chair.
{that I currently do not own}
I like this room...
minus the hideous teal carpet that will be replaced.
the mantel is just holding things here ...
{this photo was taken right after we moved in}
and I'm debating the brick.
I can't decide if I should paint it
there is also exposed brick in the kitchen...

And please note in the first photo...
the previous owners painted around their entertainment center...
super classy.
so that room will be painted &
there is also teal carpet in that room.
{not kidding}
eventually we will replace with hardwoods.
it's a work in progress...
a slow
work in progress.

off to soccer.
I've missed you all!


sarah said...

teehee. love how they painted around their entertainment center. classy.

and the teal carpet does not look that bad. i mean, i'd change it out too - but it's not horrid.

love seeing this glimpse of your home! i want to be there. sitting on that red couch, drinking coffee from a nestle mug and flipping through martha magazines with you!


pakosta said...

oh man, painted around it!?
crazy!! teal carpet oh boy!
can't wait to see what you do with it all!

qwe said...

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