Friday, November 12, 2010

the little boys had off today.
{teacher conferences}
so we took a walk...
which translated to me trying to avoid getting nailed in the head w/ the football..
while walking
attempting to take photos...
{if you've met me you know just the walking part is sometimes challenging}

they even let me take a few photos when we got home...
they were thrilled.

lovely, eh?!?

tonight we're going to see the University of Akron men's soccer team play.
they are really good.
so we're excited.
happy weekend!


sarah said...

dare i say you're officially blogging again? three days in a row?

it makes my heart happy!

have fun at the soccer game!

pakosta said...

these are super CUTE!
is jack as tall as coley now?!
gosh, they are CuTE boys!

qwe said...

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