Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome to Weiner

Successful trip to Little Rock. Number 40 is a boy by the way. Boys sometimes have to wear ponytails when their hair is so long that they can't see the ball....
(Back of hair photo for you Gab)I love when Jared is on my side of the field so I can just snap random photos of him standing around. This is a "WTH Mom?!?" shot...He is really a fantastic soccer player.
I realized I hadn't taken any sports shots in over a year. Indoor was hard because of the lighting, and now that the boys are older, the game is so exciting, its hard for me to watch from behind the lens.
Anyway, Jared is just super talented, and super modest, but at the same time very sure of himself....
(You have to be to wear your hair like that in AR...seriously, much self confidence is needed)
And he's so handsome....He is also 5'9" now, so I have to look up to him.
I would anyway, even if he weren't taller than me.
I can't describe with words how much I love that kid.

or these kids for that matter...
They kept themselves entertained by, you guessed it, playing soccer.
As you can tell, Jack decided his best shot at beating Coley to the ball was to use his size to his advantage, and, well..
take Coley down.I have no idea where he learned this tactic from?!?Poor Coley....
he's just too quick for his dad and little brother.

Because Jared's team made it to the finals we didn't have much time on Sunday to explore Little Rock, but we went downtown for a little while.
In the parking garage I told the boys they had to "hold a hand"....
This is Jared being funny and holding his own hand. Loved this building with all the stars.
The sun was at the worst possible point in the sky, so these photos are less than great, but I found some cool places for future photos.
This one, just because it's novel to get all three in one shot.
The car trip home was pretty quite. One was sleeping, the other two watched movies and read out of the Book of World Records. My favorite thing overheard. "Planet with the hottest surface" "Venus" "Too bad it's not Uranus, that would be a good pick up line."And...we drove through the BEST town ever.
This will be hanging in the boy's bathroom. Love it.


Ashley Wren said...

so i leave,
and you go there.
WTF is up with that?
i love you,
and you bet your ass i will be visiting you....

sarah said...

you and your boys are way too cute.
you make me smile and laugh!

that sign for their bathroom!
LOVE that.

uranus?! bwhahahaha!


Christy said...

Welcome to Weiner... now that's funny! Even funnier that you're gonna make a sign with it for your boylies bathroom... I love it!

essie said...


I need an addy b/c I actually HAD an awesome comment about your recycled bags for shopping, and, Blogger lost it.
I do have some treats to send you in reference to said post...and they are WHOA cute.
So you want them.
But I need an addy!
kisses to the treehouse!!

Mara said...

you make me giggle.
those boys are great - something tells me it has something to do with their mom and dad?!?!


gabbyfek said...

welcome to weiner
good pick up line
i love it all toooooooooooo much.
and the ponytail.
love that tooooooooo.
small one needs his messed-up-faced mama. love you.

Missy said...

welcome to weiner had Jon and I CRACKING UP.
I love that you're going to frame it for the bathroom :)