Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a Happy Thursday

Not that much can make me happier then the words
Which officially begins, umm.....RIGHT NOW.

But there have been a few other happy little things around here making me smile...
Like for instance,
Lots of boy art coming home from school.
And this story journal by the Jack couldn't be any more precious.

Yes, I love that he wrote "encouraged", so Jack....

And then this little bundle of goodness arrived in the mail yesterday all the way from Germany. I LOVE it Essie! I can not wait to go to the store now.... I'm so excited!
I've already hooked the little one onto my keys, and
How stinking fabulous is the one that hooks into the cart?!? ooooh....I just LOVE it.
Es- the post office a la Arkansas has been located and scrap-goodies shall be sent on Saturday. (It has actually worked out well for you, I've just been adding to the pile so it's getting bigger daily...lots of scraptasticness heading your way.)

And then the mailman delivered some more hazelnut coffee for my newest love....Isn't she lovely?! It is one of those things that you don't realize how much you'll love until you try it, and then it's all over... you are head over heels.
I thought I'd like one,
Colin convinced me it wasn't practical...
and then I tried Gabs and well, practicality went out the window.
It's that great.
AND because I have the best sister and parents,
I received my own fancy coffee pot for Mother's Day.
Way too generous....but very much appreciated.
The great thing is you can make tea and hot chocolate with it too.
So Jared, who tries very hard to channel his inter-Brit, loves the tea feature
and the small ones are all about the hot chocolate.
(Colin, who still mutters about cost effectiveness, will join the dark side when he tries his new Gloria Jeans mudslide coffee that arrived today...I'm sure of it)

I've also been scrapping lately, which is part of the reason I've been neglecting the poor blog.
However taking photos of the pages has proven too much for me, so I am going to try and get the scanner hooked up, and then maybe I can post them?!
Or, maybe not...


gabbyfek said...

i loooooove the pot
and the essie goodness
and the jack journal the mostest.
i'm leaving that i there for fun

Mara said...

i MUST see the scraps.
i love jack's journal.
do we need to register for that coffee/hot choc/ tea pot?
cause i don't drink coffee (j does), but i will drink hot choc and tea.
advise me, please.
we register tomorrow :)
thank you very much.
and p.s.
i'm jealous of your summer vaca.

Missy said...

Jack's journal is freaking adorable.
And I'm drooling over the pot o' goodness.
numma numma.
And the fact that Jared tries to channel his inner brit!?!?! love those boys of yours :)

essie said...

I'm glad you got oyur mutters tag lieben from Deutschland!

HOW jealous am I over...
real art (Ben's teacher...not so fab),
and Gloria Jean.


I'm debating over what kind of maker I'm going to splurge on when we get back to the states...WAY too many yum delish coffees here in Europe!

I miss you!
kisses to the treehouse