Friday, May 09, 2008

Tricks on Trikes

Meeting postponed.
Perhaps I'll make sense now... or knowing me, maybe not.

So we have a kettler trike.
It was great when the boys were little, because it has a handle,
so you could guide them along on family walks,
and with big brother(s) on bikes,
it helped make the little one feel like they were riding too.

Fast forward to now.
It's been in storage or in a basement, until this house,
where it's just in the garage awaiting our big garage clean up.
(house = organized - garage = big gigantic mess of crap)
I told Gabby I'd hang on to it for Ev.
The other day I went out to check on the boys...
who were on direct orders to stay in the driveway/yard.

Apparently, stay in our driveway translates in boy-speak to....
Let's take turns riding the trike down the hill (that would be in the street folks), while one of us hangs on to the push bar, and rides their skateboard.

Please keep in mind all three of them have their own BMX bikes.... sigh
So hopefully the trike is still in one piece for Evansen?!
Of course when I was trying to find a site to link "Kettler" to, I read the specs and it says there is a 400lb weight limit?!?!?
So I guess all three boys can ride on it?
Or Colin and I can try out that skateboard trick later...?!?
Why a trike would need to support that much weight will be the mystery of the day.


Missy said...

ahhh life with boys :)
they are daredevils, aren't they?

Christy said...

Hee! That is too funny, E.
Happy Mama's Day sweets... hope you're enjoying a nice and relaxing weekend!

Cheryl said...

How funny!!! Boys will be boys I suppose! oh - glad you survived the flight. ;-)