Wednesday, May 21, 2008

With what I have

The last time I was forced to go to the mall here,
we passed the dimly lit store that is Hollister,
and I commented to Jared (half joking) that that was one store I'd never take him to...
(I am just not a fan)
Of course that's what the "cool" kids wear here,
so Jared looked at me with a rather pained look on his face.

Last night at Jack's game Jared and I were talking about schools,
we are thinking about having him transfer to a different school...
and the school we are thinking about sending him to is what has been described as the "preppy" school.
I said, well, I guess we'll have to go shopping then and I may be forced to go to Hollister.
I told him it's not that we mind getting him clothes, he just never asks for them...
to which he replied....
"I'm just really happy with what I have Mom."

And with that, my heart melted.

I wish I was always just happy with what we have.
I'm getting closer.
I am, and I'm an adult.

Such a hard age, thirteen....I remember being awkward and unsure,
and somehow I have this kid that's moved countless times,
and been to almost as many schools as grades,
and he's just like
it's fine.
I'm happy with what I have, and I'm confident with who I am.
I have no idea how he ended up that way,
but I really really love who he is.

And that's all the sappiness I have for today.
I've been a HORRIBLE blogger,
but I wanted to get that down before I forgot.

More about my love affair with my new coffee pot,
and other bits of random tomorrow.
One more day of school here before summer break.....
How awesome is THAT?!?


sarah said...

that made my heart melt too...
because mostly it shows what an amazing person YOU are for raising a son like him.

what a great kid! :)


essie said...



gabbyfek said...

love that boy.
and you.
he's an amazing testament to you and colin as parents-- and he just rocks as a person, my dear.

Christy said...

Awww, that totally made my heart melt as well. What a little sweetie he is. And YOU my dear... what a good mama you are for raising such a fine young man. You should be so proud. ;)

Audrey said...

Isn't it incredible to look at your kids and see what they say and do? And even though people are telling you it's because you've done such an incredible job of raising them, deep down you still think, "Nah, it's something more internal in them -- something that's just THEM, not ME..." My oldest makes me feel that way.

You've got three great kids -- I love coming here and reading about them. Definitely the kind of kids I would've loved to have in my classroom -- and possessed of the individuality and confidence and big-spiritedness that I hope my two girls have as they grow.

meghan said...

What a great kid. Thirteen was a rough age for me and 'fitting in' was such a bitch. You have such great kids!