Thursday, May 21, 2009


1. Jack came home from school yesterday with a lovely rash and hives on his face. I was pretty sure it was something he ate, but took him to the doctor this morning anyway. We saw the new pediatrician at the clinic, and I loved him. I knew when he started talking about Fast Food Nation, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food I would be switching our primary doctor.
He told me that it's entirely possible that Jack reacted to something in the (horrible) processed food they have during "snack" here at school, and that it's probably not a return of the food allergies of his past. But. To be on the safe side, Jack is having allergy testing next week.

2. When Colin leaves for any amount of time it is inevitable that
1. something will break.
2. someone will get sick.
3. I will have to be multiple places at once.
and I got to check all three off the list the first day.
Jared is going to love that I'm leaving him at Colten's soccer practice tonight so Jack and I can go to the orientation at the middle school. Teenagers love that sort of thing.

3. Speaking of middle school. Why in the world would they move 3rd graders to middle school?

4. and Speaking of school. I am still not convinced I'm not homeschooling next year. Why is it such a hard thing for me to decide? I don't know, but every time I think I'm sure what I'm doing in the fall, I change my mind again.

5. I can not wait for summer vacation. Making the annual summer list of things we want to do. Sleeping in is right at the top of the list...for me anyway.

6. Jack has a baseball tournament this weekend. The first game is tomorrow night, Colin won't be back yet, so I need to know where I'm going.
Directions at the batting cages last night went something like this
"Turn by the WalMart. Go until you see a four-way stop...I think it's a four-way. Turn right. No, it's left I think. You will see a bridge off to the side. Look for a school...."
Because I'm not directionally impaired enough as it is.
So, I asked if maybe the coach could email the address to us.
This is the email I received. "Drive down the bypass. Take the first Trumann exit by the Super center. Turn LEFT at the stop sign. Go straight until you pass the Sonic at that light turn RIGHT....etc"...No address.
It's like my grandpa giving directions while I was driving. Turn at the tree honey. No not that tree... the next no the next one....

7. Here is an example of why I shouldn't try and take photos AND cheer...
Happy almost Friday.


pakosta said...

I really go back and forth every single year about homeschooling's such a hard decision to know the right thing to do!
In the meantime, I just supplement their schoolwork with what I want them to know here at home and especially in the summer!
good LUCK! with that one!

sarah said...

1. i hope jacks reaction was a one time deal. so glad you found a great doctor.

2. colin needs to stay home + never leave.

3. what? that's crazy. 3rd graders belong in elementary school.

4. good luck with your decision making :)

5. i love your annual summer list. put "visit the oregon coast" on it this year...remind colin that his favorite rogue brewery is on the coast + he'll agree ;)

6. madness.


gabbyfek said...

not that tree honey
THAT tree
you make me laugh
loved gpa's directions.