Monday, June 01, 2009

School's Out

our end-of-the-year teacher's gifts are the same every year.
a big ol' beach towel, sunscreen, and a magazine...
all tied up w/ a pretty bow, and a handmade tag.
I got the idea from Heidi Swapp's blog awhile back...and loved it instantly,
because it's so what I'd want to do after teaching 20+ kids all year...
lay in the sun, and look at magazines.

Jack went with me to Target to get everything, and the whole time he insisted that they wouldn't have beach towels in Arkansas because there "are no beaches here" ...

my middle had his awards today.
Scored a few... A-B merit roll ALL year, an award for being selected to safety team, AND a special award for library.
(that one came with a book...which for the super reader was by far the best award possible)Way to go Coley!'s officially SUMMER!


tara pakosta said...

great idea for teachers!I usually get mine a gift card to the teacher store so they can restock their room without having to pay for it out of their own pockets! but yours is more thoughtfuL!
way to go coley!!!!!

essie said...

lovin the beach-lovin!!
i had to think of you and gab last week...i took the teenagers (10) to the schwim-bad (amazing outdoor/indoor swimming pool park) and before i went bought
shades of NC
chopped fruit salad (which i STILL make)
and 2 sissers getting ready for an outing!

ya'll would have been proud!

essie said...

serious smartie kisses to you coley o

sarah said...

your boys are rock stars!
congrats coley!

and the teacher gift?

happy summer vacation! :)

Shaun said...

Way to go Coley! I love the Library Award. I think it is one of the most important awards given out. I wish one of my kids would win it.
Great job and don't forget to read this summer.
Shaun from South Carolina!

pakosta said...

by the way! thanks for the awesome teacher gift idea! I got our teachers a beach towel and tied it up with ribbon with a book called: Sarah's sister in law said it was an awesome book and she couldn't put it down!!! I didn't do sunscreen because I didn't know what kind they preferred and there were too many choices for me and i was OVERWHELMED!!! LOL! so I just did the book! but it looks so CUTE!! THANK YOU!