Monday, June 08, 2009

Bedazzle this...

It's summer and my poor blog is being neglected.
In my defense, it's mainly due to my teenager being home and the fact I have to vie for computer time now.
it's summer... did I mention that?
which means I can write
slept in,
watched the boys play soccer and ride bikes,
can't believe they drank a whole pitcher of kool-aid AGAIN,

man they eat a lot...
it's hot out,
we have a baseball game tonight....
or. I can not blog as much.
so far the later is winning the debate.
but here is a little update.... Jack had a baseball tournament about 30 minutes away this weekend. Colten had a soccer tournament in Little Rock. So we had to divide and conquer.
I stayed here with the big J and the little one, the two Cs went to the city.
(Which was very sad for me, because I really wanted PF Changs, but I digress)
Jack's team did great and won the first two games, but lost the third.
He actually cried when he struck out in the last game....
which led to a conversation over dinner about how there is "no crying in baseball"...
when I asked later if he could tell me what we needed to remember about baseball
Jack replied "hit the ball every time".
I guess that will solve the crying rule won't it.
no crying...or no reason to cry. which ever works.
he's so cute and sensitive. it kills me.
there is no crying in baseball.
and they looked SO darn cute in their new all-star uniforms...
I know, I know...I talk too much about the incredible cuteness of baseball boys...
but goodness. it's almost too much. the new uniform, and the darn fence that protects me from the hard balls, but makes for crappy photo opts.
(Colten got 2nd in his tournament by the way. They lost their last game to the Bluebirds...which I think is sort of a sissy name for a team, I think I might have asked if they also played the Butterflies...but apparently they're really good...which goes to show can't judge a soccer team by it's name, errr...or something like that.)

I have been gluten free for almost three weeks now. (actually 3 weeks tomorrow)
An experiment of sorts. Which unfortunately (or is it fortunately?!) is going well...
I should be happy it's going well. not bitter about the lack of french bread, pizza, and pasta...RIGHT?!?
I am happy and I feel really really good...and I would like a slice of garlic Without providing TMI it's not for weight loss... just so no one thinks I'm on a crazy wackadoodle diet.

My hair is out. of. control. long. I don't even know what to do with it anymore...
I think I need Stacy and Clinton.
a little what not to wear, and what the hell should I do with my hair...
yes please.
either that or I'm getting some long jean skirts, and a buggy.
really. those are the options friends.

also why is it that everyone and their dog can take cUte pictures in the mirror of themselves?!? but when I try I either cut my head out of the photo, or I'm making some dumb expression in the ones that actually do include my face. I think I was in the middle of saying something in that second one... probably "What was that noise?"...or "Turn that music down!"...or "Answer the phone!". those are all popular lately... I am pretty sure I wasn't intentionally making what appears to be a kissy face though...
((ETA: Colin just got home and looked at that second photo and said, and I quote "You make that face all the time and you don't even realize you're doing it!" Awesome. So apparently, if you ever meet me, I make a dumb kissy face subconsciously. sweeeet.... ))

overheard today.
me from the other room "STOP boys!"
Coley "You don't even know what we're doing"
me "I can hear wrestling and you need to stop"
Coley "Ooooh... she's good"

I'm getting up early for soccer camp this week,
so I just might be updating more regularly.
you know about really riveting things like my hair.
or maybe I'll have my new bedazzled "baseball mom" shirt to show you.
one of the moms on Jack's team makes them. they're pretty fabulous.
please try to contain your excitement.
(see the above sentence about needing wardrobe help, you can not dwell on my dorkiness)
it's summer.
that's about as good as it's going to get.


sarah said...

oh dear me. you make me LAUGH!
i wish i were there to take kissy face self portraits in your mirror with you (you were SO doing're just embarrassed to admit it).

ugh. gluten free huh?
i thought dairy was hard...gluten sounds way harder.

enjoy the sleeping in, soccer + baseball, kool-aid filled summer days! :)

Missy said...

I love this post!!
from the "bedazzle this" to the kissy face.
I cannot even count how many things I love :)

Shaun said...

Sorry about the baseball game. I would cry too but don't tell Jack. I am very impressed that you are Gluten Free. I could not give up my pasta, just could not do it.
I LOVE, LOVE your hair. It fits your so well. It looks healthy and it is always nice to pull it into a pony tail. I cannot wait to see your Baseball Mom shirt! Enjoy sleeping in and keep posting!

essie said...

oooo...she IS good!
and i miss her...
and the longish hair...
but what is the gluten about?

me, i'm accepting and freaking over my rollchen...
deutsch for "belly roll"
they have a word for belly roll.
not so nice