Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your eleventh birthday was pretty fun.
Your Dad took the day off of work,
which is pretty unheard of,
so we could come have lunch with you at school.
TacoBell your favorite.
You wore your Titan's jersey and looked pretty cute.
Especially when you blushed.We got slushies from Sonic after school.
Happy Hour.
You got orange.
When we got home you were excited about the decorations.
I knew the Revolutionary War figures would be a hit.
You and Jack played playstation until we had to leave to get Jared from soccer practice.
You don't normally get to play video games on weekdays, but it was your birthday after all.
We got Jared and went to Fujis for dinner.
You had the shrimp hibachi.
You love shrimp.
They sang to you.
You blushed again.
*it was cute again.When we got home you opened presents.
Jack spent his own money and got you a booklight.
That was pretty special.
You got lots of great stuff.
You followed 11 clues to your last present.
It was a PSP.
You were really excited.
Then we had cookie cake.With red frosting.
I am sure you made a good wish.
Don't tell anyone,
but I make the same wish every year.
For a long and happy life with you guys.
I think you had a good day.
You are a great kid Colten.
As always
I feel proud
and lucky to be your mom.


pakosta said...

awwwww!!!!!! he is a LUCKY boy to have such a GREAT mom! Love all the decorations! awesome! I cannot believe you made that martha stewart decoratioN! lot of work!!!!!!

pakosta said...

I just noticed, the reflection from the candles, now did you do that or is that just naturally the photo??? it's hearts! how COOL! either way, but if you didn't do it, it's just AMAZING even more!

gabbyfek said...

you are AMAZING.
as is oley-bob. happy birthday one day late, sweet boy.

Audrey said...

love the decorations -- sounds like Coley had a great day.

one thing I am always so impressed by is how much your boys love each other. especially the two littles...that's such a sweet thing.

Shaun said...

Happy Birthday Colten!!!!!

sarah said...

i just adore your family...and i love how special you make their birthdays. what an amazing mom you are!


essie said...

this is beautiful.

lisa truesdell said...

this is so sweet. -(